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Fletcher's Word: Hat

Wednesday, February 25, 2015MarkArch

I am creating a new series for the blog. This is inspired by how there's like a thousand screenshot and I only used few. I have in the folder so I'll let you pick one word and then I'll show you some of the screenshot containing that word in it. This word can be an object, activity, emotion, or anything. For today's topic I'll do one word of my choice. The next will be decided using vote that will allow you to vote once every 6 hour. Once the vote hit the target amount of votes, I will try to post the next Fletcher's word using the most voted word.

So the first word is : Hat

So that's all the screenshot that features hat!
The next word is Computer or Chess

Vote now! Remember you can vote once every 6 hours. Today's target vote is 25 so once the votes count get to 25 I'll try to post the next Fletcher's Word. So yeah! I hope you like this idea! See you in the next Fletcher's Word, (if there's a new one, hehe).

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