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My thought on 1st Generation of Fletcher Legacy

Monday, December 08, 2014MarkArch

So, where do I start, okay, hmm. Well, this is going to be me talking about what I am thinking about this current state of the legacy. So, if you came here for story well, I don't know, just wait like a week, if it's not there yet, well wait for another week, because I'm really busy doing something real life-y.
fletcher legacy generation 1 logo

fletcher legacy generation 1
You can summarize the first half of generation 1 using this family tree


Okay then, let me start at how this legacy start first. I actually started this legacy long before I posted it. My initial was to only posted all the picture on my facebook and share it to my real life friend. Then I notice that half of my friend that play The Sims 3 is not going to play The Sims 4. That's the first time I consider to start blogging this legacy. I think that is like exactly one month until I posted the first episode. That's why the ghost update episode is far away on the generation 2 episode.
This picture is not taken in the proper legacy challenge lot.
I actually started playing Cody in a different lot, so some of the picture from generation 1 is actually not from the actual legacy challenge but from my playtest. So yeah, I tested my first legacy in a wrong lot that's why I restarted it. So there's a whole different story when that happen. After creating a new save I finally started it  on the proper legacy challenge lot. The different is I delete all the pre made character so I don't have to look whether it's premade sims or not.
This is Evan from the playtest multiverse, or maybe it's Evony?


I was not really good at the sims 4 at first, that's why Cody didn't complete his aspiration, because I'm just horrible at playing it. I didn't even focused on the story, my main focus is to look for a girl and marry her and then start having baby. That's when Marley came in front of the house, literary the first girl to walk in front of the house. I don't even think about anything, her age, her look, her body, if she's single or not, I'm just, straight up romancing her. Fortunately my made up rule actually making me able to take it slow at first because I needed money to have wedding. I think that's one of the thing that made the story more interesting

Breaking the rule

I don't know about the rule, I just think that I can move in anyone at the time. I started reading the whole rule when I start writing the blogs. Because the picture is already there, and I can't afford recreating two generation of picture, so, might as well continue. Actually Nico, Ashly, and especially Sheila bring a good story on my legacy.
My way of dealing with the legacy challenge rules

First Death

Episode 4 was a little bit, well, weird. This is definitely a bug but when I age up Marley using the birthday cake, she's just suddenly died of I don't know, too much blowing to the candle? But I think I know who did this.
"You have no idea, muahahaha"

Evan and Leilani

Well, Evan and Leilani is really special. Evan actually met her first at the park (no picture) when she was a child playing with his brother in the jungle gym. (Evan is already a teenage that day). So she's the only girl in the park, that's why I know she's the only teenager because, according to manage world, I'm pretty sure no other townies has spawned.

So yeah, it's not their first time meeting each other. Here's her only remaining picture when she was a child at Cody's adult birthday party.
I have no idea why she's on her sleepwear
I really like Evan and Leilani's relationship. I mean Leilani has the worst traits like, ever, but the way she wanted to be Evan's soulmate is just so perfect. Argh I love them both, they're definitely meant for each other.

My Favorite Episode

I love all the generation 1 episode, it's actually made by using every single screenshot that left. Especially that I don't actually take that much picture that day, it made my mind work really hard to connect every single picture to make a decent story.

Well, above all, my favorite episode is actually the episode 5, the brotherly bonding between the half brothers is just so perfect. I even use them to develop Marley's character, so people can actually what she really is, not just a dome enthusiastic. 
My favorite episode: Episode 5
My other favorite episode is the 6&7, it was made using all of my brain power to work it out. There's not many picture available to show Evan and Cody's relationship until I finally able to make those relationship with the few amount of picture I have between them two.
Episode 6
Episode 7


I really love generation 1, I never think about writing a complicated love story, but I actually did make it. I mean my main reading before writing this legacy is something like The Lord of The Rings, Song of Ice and Fire, and all of those dragon related things. But I actually capable of writing a romantic story! So yeah, that's all my personal opinion about Gen 1, I hope you guys like it as much as I do, let me know how you're feeling about the generation by commenting on this blog, or on the forum. So yeah, see you on my Gen 2 personal opinion. If you have question about my writing style, tell me, I'll be gladly answer it.

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  1. Cool. I always wondered about Marley's death.
    I wasn't sure if you just wanted to kill her off but I think its the penguin TV too!

    1. Yeah, it was just a weird glitch that if you forced sims age up using birtday cake, but it never happen again after I sold the penguin TV so I think it's solved now.

  2. I loved the "Break the Rules" interactions. Very cute. I'll keep reading! -Jude (


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