Evan Fletcher Fletcher Legacy Challenge

Gen 2, Episode 2: The Ring

Sunday, November 09, 2014MarkArch

That morning Evan was painting like usual that day, especially he's now an Imaginative Imagist. And suddenly Leilani, his ex-girlfriend, came without warning.

Leilani: "I'm sorry about your dad, I didn't come to his funeral because well there's no funeral."
Evan: "Well that's okay, It's not a funeral, btw, it's my birthday, you're missing!"
Leilani: "Oh yeah birthday! How can I forget, well I heard that you're a professional painter now!"
Evan: "Well, a couple more promotion would do, but no I'm not professional painter yet"

Leilani: So, how are you?
Evan: Me? I'm fine as usual!

Leilani: About your birthday, well I've had mine last night! So I'm technically a young adult now!

She approached Evan and kissed him!
Evan: "I should've never forced you to age up together!"
Leilani: "I should've never, well never mind let's just kiss!"

And that definitely made Evan's day!

It had been days since Leilani move in with Evan, so his brother, Bo, came to take her home.
Bo: "Where were you? Mom have been worried sick about you!"
Leilani: "I moved in with Evan"
Bo: "I thought you broke up with him, I told you to, It's a bad, really bad Idea,
Leilani: "Well, it's none of your business anymore I can finally live with the one I love."

Bo: Do whatever  you want, but at least tell mom and dad about it!

Leilani had been thinking about it, so she came home with Evan! They're meeting with her parents (no pictures sadly!) and then go straight to her room.
He met Bo in her room playing computer games. He still seemed to hate Evan but it doesn't bother him.
Even though Leilani ask Evan to came here but Evan had a bigger plan.
He got the ring that Leilani return last time when they broke up! He asked her to marry her once again!

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