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Gen 2. Episode 9: Race for the Heirship

Saturday, November 29, 2014MarkArch

Gino and Theo finally became a teenager. They finished what they wanted for their childhood now it's time for the adulthood. They're a twin bro who even without the trait, would still be very close. Even though they are twin they have difference in what they want in their life. Theo wanted to be jack of all trades by mastering many skill and career. Gino wanted to have a great and healthy body so he can live longer.

The twins birthday party was really great. Rose is agreed to became their mixologist and Mike for the painting decoration.

It was a very good party especially that the next day there will also be another birthday party.
It was Rose's birthday. She then turn into an adult and so does Dandre her boyfriend one day before.
Dandre and Rose is really in love now that they're adult. They also tried their fist woohoo, even though it doesn't feel any different than messing around.

Party two days in a row was really exhausting. Especially for Evan who had to clean all the mess everyone's making.

Leilani and Evan is finally free from raising a children as everyone had grown up. Even though they still had one more slot left in their household she is tired of having another kids. Four kids and one niece was enough. It's really tough rising all the kids but they actually turned out to be an amazing kids.
But something happened to the kids that they didn't anticipated at all. They've became more competitive. The twin had also been told about the legacy and they've been really rushing trough their aspiration since then. Of all that it was still a harmonious situation between them.

In contrast of the older siblings, the rivalry had been very intense between two of them.
The competition between two of them had been too obvious. They've been bragging about what's going on with what they've been accomplished at eachother.
Rose is closely in the lead with the only one thing she needed to accomplish the third milestone is to to pick mixologist branch at the culinary career. It's definitely one hard thing for Rose as she's still at level one in the culinary career.

But really close behind is Mike with two more things to finish the 3rd milestone, he had to view a lot of painting and also sell some more painting to collector. He's definitely in so big advantages since the house had already filled with his dad's painting. It won't be long after he finish doing all of them.
And even Gino is catching up at the third place, even though the youngest of the four, it doesn't stop him from being an heir. As there had already been a work out machine in their house, he is working out non stop to gain the skill necessary for the challenge.
Theo is the only one who's still far behind. He was going to supporting his twin brother as he can't possibly win. The renaissance aspiration is just too needed more time to do than the other aspiration than his siblings had. But there's no point giving up. He's now try to finish his aspiration and support his brother as he is definitely had no intention of kicking his best friend twin bro out of the house.

Well, who will win the race? And readers, yes I'm finally talking to you! Let me know who do you want to be an heir. It won't influence the result, but it will be fun to know who do you like the most between four of them.

So here's a link to vote! Go vote right now!

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