Evan Fletcher Fletcher Legacy Challenge

Gen 2, Episode 6: Family Inventory

Saturday, November 22, 2014MarkArch

Dandre, Philip, and Rose have been a very good friends. But, Rose might have a little crush on Dandre. It's just a child's crush anyway, she'll get over it once they're in teenager and Rose found a hot hunk to be her girlfriend. For now they're just friends for now.

It's getting clearer that Dandre might not be into her anyway since they have been a friend for a long time and it would be hard to break it down just for an innocent children crush.
It would be hard for Philip too, well what the heck they're just friends, period.
The day Mike grew up, no body was near the Crib, Evan was working, Leilani was cooking, and Rose was no where to be found since she always go somewhere new after school and return before evening.
Leilani was on the other room so she was the first to welcome him to childhood. She look happy especially that two of her child really look like her the most. She really have that kind of obsession that all her child need to look like her.
After seeing his little brother Rose immediately kidnap him and bring him to the club. He was really happy that day especially that he also loves dancing. But something very weird is happening especially that Rose initially don't like having a brother. Maybe it's just a sibling jealousy and once Mike grown up she felt like she can be friend with.
The menu for the breakfast is pancake. It was a really good pancake. Evan finish first so he can paint more thing. Sheila didn't feel like eating breakfast.
There's a news coming for the kids. They're about to have another sibling. Mike was very happy, but Rose is not. It's just like when Mike was born all over again. It's really strange, since Mike and Rose are supposed to be a good friend but when the new baby's coming she's even more upset.
After she return from school, she share her troubling feeling to Dandre and Philip, well, mainly Dandre. But both of them are the youngest so nobody know how it felt about to have a new brother.
But Dandre make sure that her sister is really happy to have a brother like him. Rose wish she had a brother like him.
She had to deal with it. Especially several days later it's finally time to deliver the baby. Evan is always very excited about his new offspring. He is because it means a lot of new eligible heir.
It was not one baby, but two. Theo and Gino was the name. Theo the black hair is the slightly older one and Gino the brown hair is the late one.
Knowing about the brother is more than one, she felt even more upset. She called both her friend to calm her. Dandre can't come, since it's too late in the night and her mom won't let him out. But Philip don't care what her family says, he came because he care about Rose.
Rose: "Thanks for coming!"
Philip: "That's okay, anything wrong?"
Rose: "I have two new brother!"
Philip: "Wow, congratu-la, you don't seem to be happy about it!"
Rose: "Well, I want to tell you a secret"
Philip: "Secret? no don't I'm bad at keeping it"
Rose: "I don't think it's such a secret anyway.
Rose: "So, my dad is running a legacy challenge"
Philip: "A legacy challenge? What?"
Rose: "A legacy challenge is-"
Philip: "I know what a legacy challenge is, but how do you know that?"
Rose: "Well, I kind of find the armor my family inventory"
Philip: "Wow, so you met the armor? Cool!"
Rose: "Yeah, that's why I don't like having brothers, the rule is merit so anybody can be heir"
Philip: "Oh, you'll be kicked out if you don't finish your aspiration, well I get it why"
Rose: "I know"
Philip: "Well, it's not the twin you need to worry about, it'll be harder for them to finish their aspiration before your dad, you know"
Rose: "So, it's Mike that I need to worry about?"
Philip: "Well yeah, he's just several days younger than you, I have a plan"
And then the plan is set. They will make sure that Mike will not be able to finish his child aspiration. Dandre still had no idea why they're doing it but he'll do that because that is what he is good at. So they all need to distract him with things that actually good for Rose's child aspiration. They bring him to the club everyday because it will be so obvious if it's done at home.
It's working for 2 straight days, both of them going home late until Mike is too tired to practice his creative skill but by dancing Rose is slowly but sure increasing her motor skill.
And then their uncle showed up and tell their father. They both were grounded.for a long time.

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  1. How do you do the family photo??

  2. I love the family picture!
    One question though, if I'm not mistaken, the girl in pink (is it pink?) it's Nico's daughter right?

    1. Thank you! and Yes she is Nico's daughter

    2. I was wondering what she was doing there but her mom wasn't until I read this "Wow, did Ashley turn into a cat in this family photo?"
      "Nah, I think she just died of screen" lol again, I love the speech bubbles

    3. Oh yeah, that. It was foolish of me to forgot taking any screenshot when Ashly died.

    4. But it was so funny, he just mentioned it like "oh right, her she was a secondary character, she wasn't important" lol
      I really love your speech bubbles, they are super funny

  3. HAAAA!!! I can't believe you dug out a TS2 photo! That is HILARIOUS! The whole kids in the club thing still makes me laugh.

    1. Thanks, I can't believe I did that either! Just wanted some surprise for ts2 simmers.


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