Evan Fletcher Fletcher Legacy Challenge

Gen 2, Episode 7: Sheila's Birthday

Monday, November 24, 2014MarkArch

The twins are growing very fast, it's felt like it was yesterday when their mom change their diaper. Both of them are very active. They can't stop exercising. Despite having different ideal of what they want to accomplish in their childhood life, they always do them together. They're playing chess to help Theo won as Gino is telling his funny jokes.

Mike is also catching up with his aspiration now that Rose can't distract him from anything, even though his violin playing is disturbing everyone in the house.
Rose and her friends had also aged up to a teen. Dandre is a day before rose's birthday and Philip is one day after.  It's so great that they're still good friends with each other until this day. They hope it's never going to end until the end of the game.
Rose is now becoming a beautiful girl. Except her appearance nothing much had change to Rose. She's still as playful as usual.
As she became older her hormone drive her to change a little bit in the personality. She is now have a desire to flirt with anyone. People said it's romantic traits but maybe it's just her being a teenager. As the only two teenage boys in town she can flirt with is her friend she's know had to deal with her flirty mood by having a lot of cold shower.

For rose, club is always been in her heart so one thing she wanted to do in live is to work in one of them. Her goal is to became a master mixologist and to achieve that she had to practice from the teen life.
Evan might not had a high relationship with two of his older children who is closer to Leilani their mom. but he's definitely a lot closer to the twins. He's the one to talk when the twins needed it.

Nevertheless, the closest person the to the twin is to eachother. They were like inseparable. Whenever one of them is the other will be close to him, even though they're clearly not identical twins, they becoming more and more look like one.
After mixing a lot of drink, one think she needed is to make a lot of drink at party. So she needed a reason to throw a party. So she threw her cousin's a birthday party. Sheila is also turning into a teenager.
Sheila had always been obsessed with the color red so now that she's a teenager, she is now dressed as red as she can be.
Even though it's Sheila's birthday party Rose also invited both Dandre and Philip. Rose is really delighted how autonomously friendly they are. Everytime they met each other they always hugging even though none of them had bro traits.
Rose also invited several other kids for his brother to play with as she don't want anyone to ruin her drink making at party. Gino also needs some new friend even though it's just for a small amount of time.
Philip as always go home first. Dandre is still talking to Rose's younger brother. Dandre wish he had his own younger brother but because he never knew who his father is since he was still a child, it might never be possible.

Mike is being really friendly with Dandre but deep in his heart he is still really angry about them getting him grounded. So Mike try to tell a lot of story about how romantic Rose is. He also told Dandre about how Rose is always fond of Dandre, not only in the friendship way but in the "other" way too. Mike hope it would make their relation became more awkward between three of them.
Rose overheard what Mike told him and drag him to sit down on her parent's room to clarified what really happened. What she didn't know is that Evan always hang all his flirty painting inside his room. As both of them sitting on the bed Dandre tried to ask her about what Mike said. Instead of denying it she actually said that everything he said was true and she always had a crush on him since he first saw him dancing.
And that's when they first kiss.

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  1. Cute. Those captions, man...hilarious.

    1. Thanks! I love making funny caption.


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