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SGAS Watcher Autonomous Day 1: Why You NO Autonomous Sleep?!?!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015MarkArch

The roasted chicken have gone too, the dishes is piling up

Willow is enjoying her meal. Have I talk about all the presenter wearing a uniform? Talking about the presenter, this is the only two presenter available right now since Rose, Evan, and Wance are going to the school/work and never come back
Bill is talking to Jamie. Hmm, why is everyone scheming with Jamie?
It's night time again, and FINALLY someone is doing the autonomous sleep rather than waiting to die powerless if that's even a death time. Looks like this bed can only hold one person!
Well, Dr. Jasmine won, Willow better look for other beds.
I wonder why Nancy Landgraab ghost is very angry! Oh yeah I remember!
Dr J woke up when she sense the evil roaming around the house! I wish she knew who the true evil was.
Willow decided to sleep outside, well she loves outdoor so it's understandable, but at least she went to sleep when she's tired!
Other sims who have not showed up, Sarafina, had actually been sleeping the whole time! Good for her!
Oh my plum juice, did you all have never weary traits like Mark did? You're so tired but you're all here watching Sequoia's let's play blick block, did nobody saw the bed over there?
Well, that's the first 24 hour in the S-GAS Watcher session! Hope you enjoyed it! See you in the opening!

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  1. Maybe it's because they don't know each well enough to sleep in the same bed. I've seen something similar in my game.

    1. I knew that, but there's like 4 beds or even dozens of couch lying around! I'm sure they're just too excited!

  2. Sims! What can you do?! I was curious to see what all the participants would do of their own free will.

  3. Jessica is a night owl. Now you know LOL.


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