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Landgraab's Wonder Child Episode 4: Good Sea Monster

Tuesday, March 24, 2015MarkArch

Finally it's the great part of Wonder Child, The wonder child challenge is actually starts now. First thing first I need to have her do her homework because I want her to get an A as soon as possible and I usually forgot about homework. After career update it's actually harder to move up performance unless you are in the right mood and finish the daily task. But the task given is much easier.

 Social skill is the easiest to level up if it is sure that she always do the interaction, I start toggling autonomy on and off so the autonomous chat won't by the one she talk to won't interrupt her. I don't really care about the parents daughter relationship but the will be a really good friends if she keep conversing with their parents.
 Also the other easiest skill to gain is creative skill, but I'm not going to increase it as much yet, I only wanted her to finish the first aspiration milestone first. It is imperative to give the wonder child a very inspired emotion before drawing at activity table. Encouraging will give +2, inspired decoration will give more than +1, star/cloud gazing gives +1 for a long time, and toughtful shower gives +1, with some happy boost combined it will definitely give the very inspired moodlet which increase the creative skill very fast.
 And yeah, wonder child need no sleep. Unless it's necessary. I used Dandre and Rose's aspiration point to stack up the sleep replacement potion. It's been proven very effective when I used it for Theo in my Fletcher Legacy Challenge.
 Other needs still needs to be high so she get the high motives moodlets which gives her a really good +2 happy that can boost anything. Having her play in the tub is a good way to make her fun up while increasing hygiene, but always cancel the bath interaction just before the hygiene meter full because the fun bonus is not as great as other that also gives skill.

I bought the jungle gym because I don't want to travel because travel world would means Dandre and Rose will abandon their task. But after finishing the first rambunctious scamp milestone, I sell it because practice typing and typing game will give more motor skill points. So it's not worthed keeping it around. Also it increases tax value.

As I don't like traveling for the reason mentioned, I only do the meet five sims aspiration to the passerby only. I'm not going to increase my skill with them because played character won't interupt your conversation which will make your social skill go up slower.
Oh yeah, I have Dandre quit his job and let Rose do all the works. We don't really need money so we only need someone to pay bill. You can see Dandre reading to child here for the whiz kids aspiration mission and combined with succesful lineage mission so you can do it all at once. That's all for today, next episode we'll meet Farah's new sibling! See ya!

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