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Landgraab's Wonder Child Episode 2: Like a Virgin

Tuesday, March 24, 2015MarkArch

Welcome back to another episode of Wonder Child this episode I'm going to have them to get it on! Let's get it on, uuuh! Leeet's get it on! Okay I just realized I can't sing using text. Okkay! So even though they were married, but this is a different save file where they weren't supposed to be married yet. Also I have change both their aspiration to fabolously wealthy to get that free 75 points from "Have $10,000 in Reserve" as I started them in an empty lot.

 They are actually now on a date now. Why? Because by finishing two dates they can get another 75 on "Go on 2 Dates" in the soulmate aspiration. Also having 2 gold medal gives you that flirty decorated object that means money.
I was just fast forwarding through so I missed the first kiss animation but this their first ever kiss in this new game. I'm not going to make them to get married yet because they need to be best friends first for that other soul mate aspiration.
 I made them woohoo for the first time, even though it's not really their first time. This will enable them to be able to sleep on the same bed. Also if you realize that bed is the most expensive bed in the sims game because of it makes them sleep faster. The zzz potion is for the wonder child. Also you realized that dome house? Well, eeeh, yeaay dome haouse again! (it's super cheap, that bed is really expensive)
Having them woohoo will make them comfortable of seeing them naked since both of the shower and the toilet are outside. Some good thing about it being outside is keeping Dandre's love the outdoors traits to triggering that positive moodlet.
I gave Dandre a job at entertainment career because I'm going to have him to master guitar skill because I think it's one of the easiest skill to master. Also to give that consistency from the previous series. I think music lover traits gives him boost in guitar skill, his creative traits give him inspired mood, and his muser bonus traits would make more multiplication on to the guitar skill gain. It wouldn't help anything but aspiration point but it will make him easier to finish musical genius aspiration which he already finished in the other lifetime.
 I gave Rose the painter career and she's going to finish the painter extraordinaire aspiration because it's the easiest aspiration to complete. I knew that because Mike did it flawlessly and give no chance to her other sibling of Fletcher Legacy generation 3. Her perfectionist makes her paint longer so that means longer time skilling up, also meaning higher painting quality for more money!
Oh yeah, Dandre can also earn a bit money by shirtless busking in the street like he used to do in Homeless Day.

So that's all for this episode, see you on episode 3!

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