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My thought on 2nd Generation of Fletcher Legacy

Monday, March 02, 2015MarkArch

A couple months ago I posted My Thought about 1st Generation of Fletcher Legacy. Now I'm thinking of doing the same for the 2nd Generation. I will be taking a look back at the entirety of  revealing some behind the scene stuff also some fun never been seen footage stuff hehe.

Evan & Leliani had to take care of a lot of kids


I ended season 1, I mean generation 1, into a kind of a cliffhanger. I mean it was a tragic ending if I could say, Evan's father died of old age, her girlfriend broke up with her, and his adult birthday is happening. That was a sad day for sure. Last on my thought I said that Evan and Leilani is just meant to be together but why are they broken up? You might already know why, age difference, especially for young sims, matter. FYI, Evan and Leilani is like around 11 days apart.

So I tried to explore a bit so he can have another "person" to fill his emptyness. And it failed horribly as I was horrible at TS4 at the time and it only worked with the, eeh, maid (I can't believe I did this). So he can finally move on.

What the plum was happening in there!
But that moving on took too long that Leilani is actually a full grown young adult now. So how did Leilani came even though he straight up dump Evan well, this is what happened. Remember that time where everyone is knocking your door like every single day? Yeah she just came knocking the door while evan is painting his sad painting. I notice that Evan can finally do romance her and as only his romance bar is down to red, it's a little bit easier to woo her back into Evan's side. and this happened!
The caption is totally right, I mean if you look at back at this episode you'll find her came like very early in the morning where the sun is still bright and now they're finally kissing at almost dawn.
It only come to bite me when I start writing their "getting back together" moment which have no reason to be whatsoever. I still don't know maybe we'll never find out. I just think that they're still love each other but broken up with a horrible reason so now that they're both young adult they can be young adult about it.

Then he proposed her, wedding happened, Rose also being born, so yeah boring legacy stuff.

Rose and The Gnome Kicker

Rose is like still my favorite sims I've ever played. Rose happened in the day of super ultra hard aspiration era so because I'm planning on having more kids and I'm still the worst at TS4 I work pretty hard on working on her aspiration. Her parents don't have a lot of money yet so I needed to bring her to the park to go to where all Rambunctious Scamp leveling up her aspiration. Also no vacation days yet so she is mostly skipping school to do all the aspiration thingy. There she met Dandre and Philip, her best friends like forever.
And the history begin!

Merit and Sibling Rivalry

Rose finally had three brother that born back to back, I mean even though they're not triplets but right after Mike born Leilani is pregnant again. I only planned on having one more kids after Mike but the twin happened. I love Rose so much already so I'm pretty sure that she'll be a clear heir winner until Mike luckily rolled art prodigy aspiration which arguably the easiest aspiration of all, even in the dark era of hard aspiration. Here am I thinking that merit will just be a more exciting version of first born.

Oh yeah family photo? I hope we can make this in get to work expansion

Rose and Dandre

I don't want too many love story in the 2nd generation but Rose's new romantic trait just wrote the story. I know it's such a cheesy story of making a childhood friend to becoming more when they're all grown up but It's not even my first plan. I am actually wanting to make a love triangle and I stop myself before I get Rose to start flirting with Philip.
Yeaaah, I know!

Who's the heir?

Super competitive young generation!

So here's a calculation why Mike can easily win the heir race. I might not have been able to explained it well
  • As I said before he rolled the easiest children aspiration "Artistic Prodigy". Why? Because before the pool update creative skill is the only skill that has "encourage" interaction in it which behave like level 10 skill "mentor" interaction which give the child +2 inspired and any adult can encourage a sims with the same result. Add that to her mom's nice gourmet meal +3 happiness boost, thoughtful shower and ability to daydream make him easily enter the "Very Inspired Mood"
  • Even though Rose had a head start, if you downloaded her in the gallery you'll notice that she is not only increasing her motor skill but also social skill, as she maxed her social skill before her motor. Why? She had friends to befriend, and you can say that her best friends in the world is one of the reason why she wasn't an heir
  • Mike even with his good gloomy luck roll another jackpot aspiration, Painter Extraordinaire. Not the easiest one but still supported by his bonus childhood aspiration bonus trait Artistically Gifted. Oh, yeah, his father Evan is also a level 10 painting skill retired professional painter I mean, really? In no time he can finish it just before his father died giving him the rightful claim to the throne.
  • Also before claiming that Rose is in the spare in case Mike died without heir, but don't forget that Rose is not the only contender as the twin, even though three days younger than Mike, is also fighting for that first place. In fact as Rose, Theo, and Gino both only finished one aspiration, they're all tied for the second place. So who would win that? Well it's based on their highest skill, as Gino have level 7 fitness skill and Rose only have level 6 bartending skill, yes, Gino is the first spare. It's because the stupid immediate career restriction in, I think, the 3rd milestone of her Master Mixologist aspiration which make her the need to learn cooking skill. I'm glad they dumb it down because it's just so unfair.
Whiz Kid is the trickiest of all child aspiration back in the day, having to be very good at school making Theo unable to skip one, so my solution is by drinking this sleepy no more potion, which is sad, considering he's just a child.

Favorite Episode

As I said in generation 1 thought, I also love all the 2nd generation episode. Unlike the 1st one, the second generation provide me with a lot of screenshot to work with. Especially that starting around episode 6 I'm starting to know that all of this screenshot will be posted in this blog so it's my first time having to get the perfect picture for the storyline.

Of all the episode, episode 10 and 11 is my ultimate favorite to date. I just love writing them. Theo's coming out, Dandre and Rose proposal, the eviction of Sheila, and whatever that Mike did, so many thing happened and the fact that I'm able to make it work with the jumping through the plot line style of writing is just so fun.
Episode 10
Episode 11


Generation 1 is me trying out to write my legacy using my own style and Generation 2 is me living it. The fact that I am starting to "work hard" for it make me really feel like I've done something big. Generation 2 is also when this blog got bigger, I usually hoping for at least one people to view but now, it's not that much but I started to gain more loyal reader who'll be checking out every single chapter of this legacy, which I hardly able to do my self.

I know this have gone longer than my first thought but it's not only because there are more chapter but also that I have more things to talk about. I'm sure you might have some question about, well anything really, I'll be happy to answer that, just ask me anything using comment or wherever place you find this and I'll be ready to answer. That's all for now, see you in generation 3 thought!

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