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Landgraab's Wonder Child Challenge Episode 1: Call the Police Now!

Monday, March 23, 2015MarkArch

Welcome to the Fletcher Legacy Challenge Spin Off, wonderchild challenge. There will be NO STORY in the text everything will be my commentary of how I'm doing this challenge. I'll still do the story in the screenshot though so yeah!

So first off, if you don't know Wonder Child Challenge, you should go check this link first:
So, even though both Rose and Dandre are sims that have already played. The rules said that you need to make two young adult. To do some work around this rules, I remade both Rose and Dandre and Rose in CAS so they look exactly the same as the one in the Fletcher Legacy. All of their skill have gone back to zero, Rose lost all her bonus skill she earned/purchased and so does Dandre.

Rose now have "Art Lover", "Perfectionist", and "Lazy" + "Business Savvy" bonus traits, and
Dandre have "Music Lover", "Creative", and "Love Outdoors" + "Muser" bonus traits.

Even though they have different traits I'm still playing them as their character in Fletcher Legacy. So no worries of them changing their personality.
Also I used "Risky Woohoo" mods which give them a chance to get pregnant even after woohoo. There will be no try for baby in this challenge. I also give rules that everytime there's a woohoo whims, I have to lock it and do the woohoo, if it's in emotional whim, I'll just remember and do it. It will give them some unexpected baby result.
 And that's all folks! I hope you enjoy this!

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