Rose Fletcher Wonder Child

Landgraab's Wonder Child Episode 3: Best Criminal Ever

Tuesday, March 24, 2015MarkArch

 So never leave your sims autonomously cooking while fast forwarding because this can happen!

So not much happening here, It's just the whole leveling up sequence to collect more reward point for future use. I also give Rose that traits that higher the chance of getting masterpiece but it apparently didn't do much.
After having enough money and constant woohoo, Rose is finally pregnant with her first (technically 2nd) child which will be the wonder child.
 I don't really have a plan on when I make them pregnant since it's just happen after some woohoo because of the risky woohoo mods rule I made up.
 Yeah I hate baby! But her name is Farah Fletcher.
 I think I did celebratory woohoo because Rose's fun meter is low after giving birth and another one happen. I tried like 7 times for the wonder child to conceive and this just take one!
I waited a little bit to age her up so she age up on Wednesday night, I'll give you a reason why in the next episode! Sorry for the short one, I just think this is the boring part for me!

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