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Gen 2, Episode 11: I Need to Tell You part 2

Tuesday, December 02, 2014MarkArch

It's a great day to meet your boyfriends family. Especially if you're Rose. It's been forever since they've been a good friend and lover, but she never actually met Dandre's family. Dandre lived with her mother and older sister, that is the only thing Rose know. Other than that she had no clue at all she had no idea if his family even like her or not. But Rose is a self assured sims, she's confident that his family will like her.
She first met Dandre's sister, Janice. She seem to be a good girl. Dandre said that she's the most genius sims that he ever met. Rose is quickly getting along with her. Even though Dandre and she doesn't look alike at all they seem very close to each other. They're genuinely behave like brother and sister unlike how Rose family was.

Rose and Janice getting along quickly. Even though it look like Rose is trying too hard befriending Dandre's family, it's actually working.
Everything is going very well until Dandre introduce Rose to her mom, Vanessa. She doesn't look happy with him bringing Rose to her house 

Back at home Mike is still chatting with his dad but the topic seems to change. There's something had also bothered Mike all this time that he feel that his dad is supposed to know.
Mike: "Dad, there's something I need to tell you!"
Evan: "No, not even a single simoleon, donating is bad"
Mike:  "Well, it's really good, but, well. It's not that"
Evan: "So what is it?"
Mike check the surrounding to see if that Rose had already left.
Mike: "I think Rose don't like me very much!"
Evan: "How would you say that?"
Mike: "She had been putting on a this huge distance between us!"
Evan: "I'm sure it's just that she had her boyfriend now, she just don't have time for you anymore. Me and your uncle used to be very close too, but when he met Ashly he's too busy with her, but he's still my brother no matter what"
Mike: "I know, that's what bothers me, we used to be dancing together like crazy, now we only talked about how much stuff I have done on my aspiration."
Evan: "The most important thing is that you are a very good brother, she'll be around, well play just play with the twin"
Mike: "I felt like the twin is already like best friend, I don't feel like they even notice me."
Evan: "You just don't try hard enough, they might be close but they're still your brother, just talk to them since you still have time."
Gino suddenly approach his father.
Gino: "Theo want to talk to you! I think it's important"
Evan: "Where is he?"
Gino: "He's still in the shower"
Evan: "Well while waiting I'll be taking my lunch, all this talk made me hungry."
The conversation between Rose, Dandre, and his mom is not going very well! But Dandre had to break the situation. All along he's not just planning to introduce Rose to his family. He had another thing waiting in his pocket.
Dandre: "Okay, I came here to give you a present"
Rose: "A present? You better give that to my mom, she would've liked it"
Dandre: "Well It's not just another present.I wanted to give you a gift for being the best friend ever. We've met since we just grew up from a baby. Philip might introduce you to me but we all know that it's all destiny that unite us. So will you marry me?"
Rose: "Yes of course"
Dandre's mom looks very angry, but the flirty aura around them won't effect them.
 Theo had done taking shower, he's finally ready to tell his dad about everything.
Evan: "So, what is it that you need to talk?"
Theo then tell him everything. The response he got from his dad is actually as he hope it to be. His father doesn't have any say about who he should like.
Evan: "So, are you sure you don't want to have anything with the legacy?"
Theo: "Well, I'll still try to win this, but I might have to do other things to make sure that I can still follow the rule without having to be who I am not."
Evan: "Well, that's my son"
Theo: "Thanks for being such an understanding father"
Evan: "Thanks for being my son, so, do you have any boyfriend yet?"
Theo: "Come on, enough talk about me, let's talk about Gino"
They then continue talking, watching TV and eating. (I love multitasking so much)

Everyone in the family have been telling her heart out to every right person. But maybe Sheila is not. She found out this morning that she was pregnant. Instead of telling Evan his uncle she told Leilani who's still angry from her hot headed trait.
Leilani without thinking just evict her from the house right away. Feeling not respected, Sheila feel like she need to leave this house anyway as she felt nobody actually cared about her.
But actually it was Leilani's strategy all along, She knew Dandre would had to move in so she need to free up some household slot. So she switch the sleep replacement potion with the flirty potion that make her 1000+ flirty.
She then told Evan about everything, eventhough he is sad, he's still supportive of her choice as long as she does that for the family.
Okay voting will still be open until the Gen 2 end which is whenever episode 12 is up. So if you haven't vote, please vote by clicking this link! It might not be meaningful to the result, but I love to see who people love from this legacy.

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  1. Whoops! It looks like Picture #14 is aligned incorrectly, as text runs down the left side of the image. Thought you'd like to know so you can fix it quick ;)

    Awesome work with your story! I love the effects and stuff you add to your pictures as well.

    1. Thank you for noticing that I hope it's fixed. Also thanks for the nice comment I appreciate it.


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