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Gen 3, Episode 9: We're Going to Get Married part 1

Saturday, March 14, 2015MarkArch

Gino is finally finished his bodybuilder aspiration and he's looking for something next to aspire. As Theo even though the most ambitious one is the one who haven't finished his first adult aspiration yet. It's such a really hard thing to do for him (remember that there's no career update yet). All of them makes it hard for him to build a romantic relationship with other sims.

Gino is actually worried that two of his sibling had already been married.and it's been bothering him that he haven't yet. Thanks to his high charisma skills and also his good bodybuilding body charm, ladies is not a problem for him, but seeing Rose and Mike had already married and had children of their own really made him think about it all.

The twin is as close as ever so they always share what they're thinking with each other, even their personal romantic life.

Theo: "So, I haven't woohooed for a while, all this leveling up skill and trying out different career is just"
Gino: "Yeah, you might be working too hard, you're a good looking guy, I mean we're twin, so if I look good so do you, you can get anybody if you're as good looking as I am"
Theo: "I don't know, I hope I have time for both, but I've been pretty lonely lately, I mean, I know you're always here with me but I need other 'companion' if you know what I mean"
Gino: "Yeah, I've been feeling pretty lonely too!"
Theo: "Really? I thought you're with what's her name, Annita? or is it Jenna?"
Gino: "It's Diana and Marlotte, they're just my woohooty call. Not more, I know I have many girls I've spent time with but I think i need more than that, since Rose and Mike have already been married I just felt they're really happy now, and I think I wanted that too!"
Theo: "So, why don't we get married too? I bet that's the solution!"
Gino: "Haha, you're kidding right?"
Theo: "You know what? I think I'm going to get married too!"
Gino: "Really? Are you sure about this?"
Theo: "Yeah! there's no point in being single for me, I don't have time to get to know other people just to woohoo some random guy I've never going to talk to again, I think I'm going to look for my husband tomorow!"
Gino: "If you are, I guess I'm going to do that too, It might be good for me! I can ask Marlotte to be my wife, she loves family and I think she's a good bodybuilding mentor at the gym"
Theo: "See, you already have a candidate, I wish I can found the one tomorrow."
Gino: "I think you need one more thing!"

He bring Theo to go to the outdoor gym.

Gino: "You need to have a good body like me, girls like it, I bet guys too!"
Theo: "Well, I guess so!"
Both of them start building his muscle, now that Gino can mentor him, it's a lot easier for Theo to work out. They're also keep talking about their wedding plan.

Both of the twins can't wait for the next day, as tomorrow might be their joined wedding day. Being so excited made them talk about it to everysingle one in the household.
Gino: "Hey, Shea, Judd, Guess what? do you know why I'm very happy?"
Judd: "I don't know, the new bidet and automatic soap dispenser? It's been a really good boost for my happiness"
Gino: "No! It's good but there's even more big news"
Shea: "What is it?"
Gino: "I'm going to marry Marlotte tomorrow"
Shea: "Congratulation, I didn't even know you've proposed her?"
Gino: "I haven't, I'll do that before the wedding"
Shea: "So she haven't agree about it? Wait, so how are you going to have a wedding with her tomorrow? What if she rejected"
Gino: "Don't you see this muscle? Who can reject it?
Theo is also telling Rose the news, and she was very happy about it. One person who might not is the one who owned this legacy house, Mike. He's a really strict people even though he's actually a loving person to everyone, and even though he married in very young age, he actually didn't like the idea of getting married too early. So both decided to tell him the news. He's not agreeing with it at first but Gino convince him that it's going to be alright.
It's finally the day, the twins are going to get married. The twin decided that they're just going to elope so no wedding party. But first thing first is to make sure that Theo have the bride so he decided to look one at the library as well as to drive Judd for him to get some library reference for his homework.

Gino is just going to the new outdoor gym where Marlotte work. That's also where Gino and Merlotte met for the first time when Gino is looking for mentor to increase his athletic skill. So it's supposed to be a special place for both of them.
To be continued!

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