Fletcher Legacy Challenge Generation 3

Gen 3 Episode 10: We're Going to Get Married part 2

Saturday, March 14, 2015MarkArch

Marlotte is a lot older than Gino, but she's Gino's first woohoo. Not that he think it's special or important for him, but it's just him feeling thankful for introducing him to pleasently satisfied moodlet. Marlotte is a Romantic sims and also athletic, That's other thing that Gino like about her.

But she's not actually Gino's only romantic interest, Gino also have another "mentor" from Willow Creek's Gym named Diana, that he frequently having romantic relation with! Gino make sure that both of them never found out about each other.

But at last Gino, decided to marry Marlotte as he spend more time with her than any other sims. But he haven't decided whether to keep meeting Diana or not
Theo went to the library. He was asked to drive Judd home, but his main goal is to find a suitable bachelor that will agree to marry him. He chose library because he love a bookworm sims. He can also improve his programming skill while doing this thanks to multitasking.
There's a quite handsome sims that are constantly stealing a glance at him. He definitely like Theo by the look of it. Theo straightforwardly greet him flirtatiously. He just can't help it, he do his pick up line, blow a kiss, and other kind of flirt to him and it seems to be working pretty well.
It just happen very fast that now they're both already in irresistible conversation.
Both of them have already prepared their proposal, a rose, wedding rings, even their vow.
Gino: "Will you marry me?"
Marlotte: "What? All of a sudden?"
Gino: "So what's the answer?"
Marlotte: "Who can resist those muscle? Of course!"
Meanwhile at the library Theo have been......
After their first kiss, he immediately show him his proposal ring.
...also the wedding ring...
...and now they're both official.
Theo had also prepared his honeymoon ticket to Twikkii Island for a good hula dance and some hot stone message.
Now that Theo and his husband had finally settle down at one of the most romantic tropical island in the world, It's Gino's time to elope. But he's been having second thought, why would he marry someone if he can just woohoo with any girl he want without any consequences. Well, the only consequence he that comes in his mind was that someone might be jealous of him with other sims but what if he can make it happen?
This one day marriage thing was starting to look very ridiculous for him. But all this event made him figure out what his next aspiration would be. It's Serial Romantic. If he finished it well, no one will be jealous of any romantic relationship that he's done.
He definitely regrets nothing about his decision as he immediately jump into bed with Diana at the outdoor gym's resting room. With his currently high charisma level, new alluring bonus traits, and of course, his muscle this aspiration won't be a hard thing for him.

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  1. LOL "Are we married now?" "I think we are" .. only if life could be that simple.


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