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Landgraab's Wonder Child episode 5: Social Account

Wednesday, March 25, 2015MarkArch

Welcome back to Landgraab's Wonderchild Challenge where we have twins! Yay! Haha! I remember taking care of baby Theo and Gino and I don't have to do that here since I can just age them up immediately since there are no rules to when they can be aged up! If you don't know until now yet, yeah, I flippin hate sims 4 baby. By the way, their name are Ryland and Sonny. Ryland is the blonde and Sonny is the one with glasses.

 Until you can get browse simpedia, the only way to make children focus is by pondering moves, so I did that everytime she went to school. I actually glad that we have twins at first so she can get that 2 out of 3 friends, but apparently it didn't happen. So I have to befriend another 3 kids. Bummer!
 She finally got an A just barely because she's tired, it's okay to give the study hard option everytime she goes to school. BTW, she have 9 more days until grow up when she got her A. After this she won't need to go to school anymore. I already have Dandre finish level 3 writing so he can write an excuse note, every other day and I fill the other day using vacation day. Using this trick you'll have more time to skill up.
Computer is necessary for this challenge because Playing arithmatic games is the best way to gain more fun and also skill up. I finish maxing the mental skill before I do anything with my motor skill because certain reason that will be discussed in the next episode.
 Science lab kit is also really useful to increase mental and logic skill but the other perk is that you can create health potion which instantly fulfill her hunger. I make sure to make as many as possible so she can drink it anywhere she wanted. At this part of the screenshot she already finish her whiz kids aspiration. I use all her aspiration point to get both night owl traits which is super useful to gain more skill as she don't need anymore sleep.
I don't neglect the other child's aspiration because you can also farm their aspiration points for more sleep replacement potion. Also Ryland have this super high pitch voice which is too adorable.
But still, all the parents attention need to go toward the wonder child, she should never be left alone drawing without encouragement. At this point she already finish 5 types of picture on activity table but activity table is still the best one to max her creativity skill.
After I maxed her creativity skill, I give her the violin so she can finish "play instrument for 5 hours". This is why I maxed her creativity skill here because 5 hours of playing violins means more violins skill which count as point. She finally finished her artistic prodigy aspiration. Next we will try to do the rambunctious scamp which I almost haven't touch yet, and maybe gain 2 adult and 3 child friends. See you!

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