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Whims 2nd Issue 29/03/2015

Sunday, March 29, 2015MarkArch

So welcome to the second issue of Whims, weekly (maybe two or more weekly) sims news. It will cover all things about what sims related things I've been doing.

Fletcher's Headline

Episode 11b is out, it's a compilation of what happened previously before the next finale episode. The finale actually have been finished for ages ago but I did a lot of rewrote to make the finale more big and epic. Also episode 12 will be featuring career update, but episode 12 title won't be career update as usual, you know.

A giant spin off series kicked off in this blog too, if you take a look at the popular page, you'd notice that it was dominated by the new Landgraab's Wonderchild Series. I can't believe that me babbling about me playing game is going to be really popular. Thank you guys for reading because I have fun talking to you in my own perspective about how I play this challenge..

If you haven't read it, which I doubt, you should. It's a spin off that take my favorite sims that I wish to be an heir, Rose Fletcher, and her husband to another dimension where landgraab evil company is trying to make a wonder child program. Weird? Well there's more weirdness in it so just have fun reading those.

Sims News

Well, there's a new patch which I haven't even installed yet because I'm too afraid of losing everything or if it's going to give my computer lag like career updates. I'll have it after I get "Get to Work" (more weirdness). But it contain basement and other minor thing like hairstyle and bugfix. Here is SimSuply's tutorial about basement as he always have the best sims tutorial.

Stories I've been Reading

I love unusual sims stories and I love legacy, A Series Of Unfortunate Faces: A Prettacy by Moonsimmer is definitely one of them. I've seen a lot of prettacy but some of them is actually have a cute face but this is just the most horrifying sims I've ever seen. How do you even made that sims? I definitely recommended this a lot, I love weird sims thing and I hope this sims can actually produce a pretty sims along the generation (which will make it less weird). I can't wait for when the pretty generation 9 will meet the not so pretty generation 1 sims.

I've also been reading Young Love by NY Donna which is basically a comic stories of a young teenage sims doing some teenage things. This is actually the first sims comic stories I've read, I know there's a lot of good ones in the main forum but reading from blog is much more easier than reading from the forum because I don't like it if several chapter are in one page it just destroy my browser.

Youtube Corner

I don't usually like a straight of the game let's play, I love seeing some challenge but I've been watching Think Noodles The Sims 4 Let's Play. Why I like this? Well, maybe because he's a minecrafter which is one thing I love about youtube, but other thing is that two super adorable little minion Kevin and Dave. Before talking about them he's actually new to sims 4 so he doesn't know a lot about how sims work so just bare with him for a couple more episode as he's definitely going to do better. So this series begin with his simself Think Noodles, Thinks Wife which is not his wife yet, and their two twin sons which dress like minion. I think I watch the entire 6 videos in one day which is very nuts I can even tell which is Dave and which is Ken without even looking at their minor outfit difference. So just check it out now! Here's the first episode!

Current Household

Welcome to the new page of Whims, here I will feature some of the household I've been playing that doesn't have it's own series in this blog. Maybe they'll have their own series someday. So yeah here it is!

The Amazon Challenge

 If you are a regular visitor of the sims 4 forum you'll notice that there's a lot of Amazon Challenge thread which is a sims challenge that is converted to the sims 4 by lovejess2. It very interesting for me so I tried to make one myself. So here's the family!
Eeeh, wait, you that know about this challenge might be wondering, why are there so many male in this family? and why aren't they all shirtless? I thought they could only have 2 shirtless slaves? and there my friends because this isn't the usual Amazon challenge. If the amazon challenge is based on maybe mythical or not amazonian river tribe that is run by women this is about the Amazon online store that is mostly run by men. (I know that's not true but this is my way of doing this challenge okay! Okay). I keep all the other feature from the original Sims 4 amazon challenge but switch the gender change some of it's vocabulary.

So this is Darius Gryffith the current CEO (origin: Creator) of Malioboro Online Store (MOS). His duty is to manage the family business so it will never be run by women. But to create a strong company, he needs a good trainee to be the next CEO and the only way to do that is to try for baby with the unemployed women. After giving the new trainee she'll be fired like literary have her died by fire or she can be hired as secretary (origin: Slaves)  but she can't interact with other employee.
 This is Damien McNollan recruited by Darius to become his Head of HRD departments (origin: providers) which have an obligation to make sure that they have the best trainee using his high cooking and charisma skill.

This is Hamid Gryffith the teenage trainee (origin: heiress) of MOS and also earned creative director (origin: scholar) promotion that he will design the web with his programming, writing, and painting skill. His mother have been fired because she didn't want to be a secreatary.
Last of the family is Jack Gryffith the lone intern (origin: Tribe Family) is now training until he can have his own position in MOS. His mother is the current secretary Dahlia but she can't meet him, she can only saw him from the distance.
That's all for the Amazon Challenge Household, Amazon Challenge is really amazing but I made it more interesting for myself by changing it. It might sound misogynistic but this is just a game. I mean I know I also have an almost patriarchy in my legacy as all of the heir is male (it's coincidence I promise), but I like woman and definitely have no hatred towards femininity. It's just my way of playing. If you like this I can start taking picture and make a series about them, just let me know.

CC and Mod Corner 

Okay there is a lot of CC and Mod over at modthesims.info but here is a highlight of what mod I'm using!

If you like my screenshot, maybe it's because I have this mods Live Mode and Tab Mode Camera Mods - No Drift & Lower Level!
It is definitely one of the most useful mods for those who loves taking pictures. It is very useful to have a no drift camera which mean you can move your camera in the exact place without having it move even after you release the arrow key, also it's useful to do the under the pool shot.


Well, it's 29 March here and I haven't even finished my first session, so it will definitely going over march, I've been busy with so many things. You might say, "Why do you have this other post then?". Well it's because I already write some of my chapter on batch and I post it sporadically to ensure more people reading my stuff without feeling affraid to catch up. So yeah just wait for it. I'll definitely still finish my SGAS Watcher. Also if you haven't watch the last SGAS here's a link where Evan is questioning the watcher existence.

Back Cover

That's all for this issue, I'll do this again once I have enough material. I will only continue this if it has a lot of views because seriously it actually takes time making this and I'd rather do something that people like more because I don't have that much of a time. So yeah that's all  for me see you in the next Issue.

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