April special update!

Thursday, April 02, 2015MarkArch

So many thing happened in the finale, intrigue, power struggle, and so many death.. But one thing that's not happening, well, everything that happened in the finale. Okay, what? But, I see ghost, and eating and grim reaper! Well that really happened but I actually planned it on a "different save file".
So yeah, Mike survived his rocket ship crash, Judd's ghost doesn't get electrocuted, and Gino was never digested by a cow plant. I mean you really think I would do that to my sims? Well, I mean, yeah, I would do that but not to my main character, well yeah, at least only temporary.

The reason why I did this is because I posted it in April 1st, so, April fools? It's one of the American (or European too?) holiday that I always love every years because I love seeing people prank each other, everyone love pranks right? no? You don't like that? Well I'm sorry?

Hehe, so yeah, the episode 12 finale is fake, there will be another finale episode coming out for generation 3, i'm just waiting for get to work because I have an idea of how it could end.

By the way, some might already know this. If you hover your pointer over the last picture in that fake episode I actually tell you that this is just a fake episode so you can now tell me if you read it. Also I posted a submission for SimsWriter's Super Short Writing Challenge so you might know that it's fake from reading it. If you haven't, well check it out. It explains everything that happened in episode 12. You can also enter the writing competition for a chance to get a Get To Work copy.

That's all for the update, stay tune for the real finale episode, I'm sure it's better than the fake one. Stay tune tomorrow for new Landgraab's Wonderchild too. Happy April's Fools day!

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  1. Thank you! Thank god they didn't all die! :)

  2. Aprils fools? Hehe, thanks for reading, I like to see how people react to it. :p


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