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Generation 3, Episode 12: Alien Goods Trader

Thursday, July 02, 2015MarkArch

After that fake episode I just realized that I'm still leaving this as a cliff hanger! But yeah, he's not dead, so this isn't a finale! But I don't feel like writing right now so I'm just doing a comentate! Okay let's start this episode!

Since we left off I put you on this cliff hanger and give you an ending which I love making by the way that was such a blast seeing how other's react! I don't know if I can pull that prank off anymore! I stop writing the episode because I actually think to end it in episode 12 but I just don't know how to kill him without well waiting for him to die! I don't want it to be so intetional too!

Out of the 4 children, Mike is actually the only one that I didn't like! He's too freakin' perfect! I love flaws in story, I love that Rose is having a hard time accepting that she's not the star in the family!  I love how Gino always obsessed with himself! And Theo, he's also boring but the fact that he had to have a twin brother that is very different than him in both looks and personality make me like him more!

I'm glad that I'm back though! I might not be back, but still, I need to do this since all of my Fletcher are literary everywhere and I miss them so I just need to do this! I really missed writing funny caption, I miss playing with them, I miss seeing their abs, but one thing that made me miss it more is when seeing many people are still remember this storyline even though I've abandoned it for months!

If you didn't know, I scattered the Fletcher everywhere! If you read my big brother stories you'll know that Leilani Shearer, Rose, Mike, Theo, and Gino's mom is presenting it! Not many people know she's had an entertainer, I didn't even remember writing it so maybe nobody knew!

Nico, their half uncle(?), their dad Evan's half brother, is also on Jes2G's Crazy Brady's Bootcamp! I love watching sims in my story on other's story! You know i love all that SGAS session. especially the one I've never finished haha! I've always been affraid to send my story sims over because it might derive my story, that's why I've been sending a past save game sims so it'll not distrupt time and continuum.

And Gino, oh Gino, he should be the heir if the heir status didn't change when Evan passed away, well, Rose would be the heir if I had a say in it. That's why I created that April prank episode, that's seriously what I would've wanted from the show, with Shea being the heir! Oh well!

Gino might be a little bit mischievous, he might learned that from her sister, but he would never tried to kill his own brother especially that he's a bro, bro code number something don't kill your brother and his son that's so messed up.

Talking about Gino, he and his muscles, are going to Hellagood, Love Shot Bachelorette challenge. He's definitely not looking for love! I'm definitely stating that on his bio but people seem didn't care about that at the time.

I have to thank you all for those who voted for Gino, I am definitely feeling nervous for him if he didn't get in that contest. I almost give up when the first 5 contestant is already shown and Gino's name haven't been announced, until I do some giving up post on the thread and people are telling me that they voted for Gino especially those who have read the story before! Definitely a relieving stuff.

I really felt bad about those who didn't get in! Especially that I think out of all the sims in the board, I'm the only one that have an unfair advantages for being known before. I'm sure if I just created a sims out of the CAS and use that for casting I don't think he would've made it.

I posted him a thank you video on youtube where Gino give a present by dancing in his swimwear. I don't want to embed it here because it doesn't really relevant with the story so click this link to view the not so erotic dance!

Oh yeah, Theo is back, but not for long, he's going to move in with his husband which name I literary forgot. He's also going to be out of this story which is in Head to Head interactive reality show. I think the casting call still open so if you want to join you can still apply!

  This is where rose left for wonder child challenge, she actually will still be there in the town, I'm just going to edit the Farah the wonder child and her brothers in so they will still be there after series end! Maybe they'll be friend with other gen 4 or 5 children!

I haven't been playing this save since well January-ish, so I'm just going to take a long re-read of this story so everything will be in place and no continuity error like in my big brother story! Which I am sure no one notice hehe! BTY, I'm still doing the big brother story because it's easier to do than writing legacy because I'm not the one making the story, the housguest decide which story they're making!

I think that's it for today, I won't promise any Fletcher episode soon because I'm still working on big brother and a new project coming! Still, I definitely miss writing with the Fletcher, so I might get back to it sooner than expected!

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  1. Yeeeeees! Retuuuuuuurn! I need to check out your other stories too.


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