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Monday, July 20, 2015MarkArch

Previously on big brother!

Week 1 The Kiss: Eight house guests move in to the big brother house! Brady won the first head of household and put Kellan and Andrea up on the block! After getting closer to one of his nominee Kellan, Brady target Andrea. But Andrea won the power of veto and remove herself off the block! Brady put Michaela Andrea's fellow nurse up on the block as a replacement instead. Kellan worried for vote looking for more votes by getting "Really Close" to Brady. Eliana saw that and tried to flip the vote by telling michaela that Kellan kissed Brady! But she failed and Michaela is going home instead!

Week 2 Double Alliance: Eliana and Farhan voted to evict Kellan and give paranoia around the house. After Rebecca won the second head of household she nominated them. Rebecca also made four person alliance with her showmance Zachery and the other 'couple' Brady and Kellan. After Eliana won the power of veto to save herself, she didn't want Andrea to be the replacement nominee so they made an all girl alliance with Rebecca. Rebecca agreed and nominated one of her other ally Brady up as a replacement nominee instead. But Farhan is still evicted!

Week 3 Kids Week: Andrea tried to save Farhan after he reveal that he has final 2 deal with Brady and she was the actual target if she didn't win the veto. But no one follow through! Kellan then won the head of household. He was supposed to nominate the persons not on his alliance member but being friend with Andrea from the first day he nominated Rebecca and Eliana instead. But He told Brady he wanted to split up Rebecca and Zachery. Rebecca then won the power of veto but she can't save her showmance from being a replacement nominee! After the public vote to evict Eliana and make the vote tie (2-2). Kellan break the tie by eliminate Eliana instead!

Week 3.5 Double Eviction: It's double eviction time and after a shocking elimination Andrea won Head of Household and put the original target Rebecca and Zachery up on the block. Zachery won so Andrea put Kellan "the traitor" up on the block. After another tie, Andrea chose to vote to evict her alliance member Rebecca instead of his friends Kellan!

Week 4 Important Veto: Elder's Son is missing but Zachery win the Head of Household securing himself to be in the final 3. He nominated Kellan and Brady because he think they have final 2 deal, which is true! Andrea make sure that it's either her or Zachery have to win the veto because she would go home if the other two win. Kellan being a friend with both Brady and Andrea did not have to win because whoever won will bring him to final 3. But Brady won Power of Veto and eliminate Andrea for having too much friends in the Jury!

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