Big Brother Season 2

Big Brother Season 2 Contestant! Super Fan Award

Saturday, July 11, 2015MarkArch

After a long casting here is all season 2 contestant!

Super Fan Award will be held during this season! This is for everyone reading, even those who have no sims submitted for the current season!

How will this work?

You will pick 3 House Guests (can include sims you submitted but it's optional), that house guests will earn points for you! You will have a neutral 10 points at start! And then score will change following the rules!

If one of your pick
Win HoH+ 4 points
Win BoB + 2 points
Win PoV + 4 points

Survive a week without being nominated +1

Evicted -3 and will no longer gain points

Win Big Brother +15
I will have Super Fan Award Leader Board in the front page of the thread! At the end of the week (after eviction) I will upload the leader board! CLICK Here to finally pick your sims. I won't reveal who you pick I will only reveal the score you have gathered!

Click here to claim your pick

Pick your house guests now! It will be closed just when season 2 premiere is up!

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