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Tuesday, January 13, 2015MarkArch

Okay, so there is a really awesome group that is called Sims Writers. So why is this awesome?


Let me tell you what sims writers is first. Once upon a time, like several months ago, there's a new thread in the sims official forum. This thread is called Sims 4 Story Teller Group. It attract all sims 4 storyteller to join as a member. So it's like it's creating The Avengers of Sims 4 Story Telling. There's so many great member in there that love telling a story. After a long story passed, this group is ready to have it's own site.

So if you're a writer that use sims as a media for story telling, this site will support and help you create a bigger audience. Also for the let's player, even though the site is called sims writer it also made for readers because it has an active forum where you can interact with other simmers.

So please visit simswriters.com when it's up. It's going to be an awesome way for you if you like story telling!

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  1. I tried to sign up on simswriter.com about 5 days ago. I haven't gotten a response yet.. Hopefully I will be accepted. I would love to be more involved with a storytelling group. I'm still trying to rack up 50 points on Sims Forum lol.


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