Fletcher Legacy Challenge Generation 3

Gen 3, Episode 1: A Great Pizza

Monday, January 05, 2015MarkArch

A new baby have been born into Fletcher legacy family. Even though she is not the heir of the legacy family she brought joyful to the entire family. Rose and Dandre named her Shea Fletcher. She look just like other baby.
Rose might not be an excellent mom but she really isn't doing a bad job. Because of her new baby she change to care more of her baby and other people too. Other household member was helping too. Especially because Shea is a very noisy baby so the help would be really helpful.

Mike is at the park roaming around. He had been looking for somebody that he really need right now. Especially because of her mom leaving the house without telling why he need someone that can take care of him. But no one seem to be perfect for the job, well nobody seem to be wanting to take the job. That until she met a woman who seems to be wandering around at the park. He then he talked to her about his problem.

Mike: "Hello, can I have your time for a minute please?"
Girl: "Hi, what can I help you with?"
Mike: "Oh okay, well, I need to find someone who wanted to work with me"
Girl: "Work with you? Why don't you just put an advertisement in the newspaper?"
Mike: "Well, you musn't been from here but this town doesn't have a newspaper company"
Girl: "Oh I just moved here, I used to live in Monte Vista. So what job is it?"
Mike: "Hmm, how do I say it, I need a butler."
Girl: "Oh good thing, I don't think I can afford a house in this town yet, so it might be good for my financial issues."
Mike: "Oh thank the watcher, that's what I really needed right now, by the way, I haven't introduce my self my name is Mike Fletcher"
Girl: "My name is Hannah DeLuca"
At the legacy house.
Mike: "Just here me out first"
Rose: "What the hell are you thinking? A butler? Who do you think you are? The Landgraab Family"
Mike: "No, but we really need one, we all need to complete our aspiration aren't we? We can do that without thinking about all this dirty dishes. Also, she doesn't have a shelter "
Rose: "Fine then, as long as you take the responsibility of having the butler, it won't be cheap you know you need to give her a new sleeping place too"
Mike: "My room is empty now, she can sleep there, I'll sleep in mom's room. I used to sleep there anyway after dad left us."
Rose: "Bring her here first, I wanted to at least know her before she start living here"
Mike called Hannah to meet Rose.
Rose: So you're the Butler girl right? Let me make you a drink first, It's better to talk in the living room we can watch some TV there.
Rose: "So, I'm Rose  Mike's older sister."
Hannah: "I'm Hannah DeLuca, I'm going to be your butler"
Rose: "Well, you are very young, you're even younger than the twin. So where are you came from?"
Hannah: "I'm from Monte Vista"
Rose: "So why did you come here, I heard it's a very good place there, I mean, they have great pizza, right?
Hannah: "I came here to become a townie, but my whole family just get culled, I'm the last remaining one."
Rose: "Oh poor thing, I'm sorry for your family."
Hannah: "Yeah, I miss my family so much, I wonder where they went when they're culled."
Rose: "You don't want to know, at least you're save here"
They talk a lot. Rose never had a girl friend to talk to before, since she always hanging out with the boys. They became closer friend even though she's still their butler. But that mean one more people to help with the baby.

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  1. Ha! This looks like a fun story! I think I missed the previous chapters, will have a closer look!

    1. Please do, I'm glad you like this one!


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