Fletcher Legacy Challenge Generation 3

Gen 3, Episode 4: Floating Rose

Friday, January 23, 2015MarkArch

Leilani, Rose's mom and Dandre are playing card in Rose's bartending room. While watching them play, Rose is explaining her idea to both of them.

Rose: "So you know that Mike and Hannah both like each other right?
Dandre: "Yes about Mike, I don't know about Hannah though."
Rose: "I think she does like him, why would she agreed to work here anyway? Of course because it's Mike that asked her"
Dandre: "Eh, I don't know about that"
Rose: "I really think we need to help him to became an heir anyway. So here's the plan!"
"I've been brewing some kind of love potion and I'm very sure it'll work.

Dandre: "But I think Mike already like Hannah so we don't need to give him love potion"
Rose: "No, the love potion didn't work that way. It will amplify both of their feeling until they finally can't hide it"
Dandre: "Oh, that make sense!"
Leilani: "I thought Mike is still not in very good relation with you, he'll definitely avoid anything suspicious!"
Dandre: "I don't know about that, he'd been very tired every time he went home just put it somewhere in the house. He might even think that it's Hannah that made it."
Rose: "Mike is also a neat freak he doesn't like anything lying around the house, so he'll probably picked it, I've guaranteed that once the drink is picked he'll have a desire to drink it.
Dandre: "But what about Hannah, I've seen her work all day long and never get tired even once!"
Rose: "Well, leave her to me I know what to do with her.
The Willow creek's weather have always been bright, there have never been a sign that it's going to be rain in maybe several years. Because the gym is outside of the house the sun might have burn Gino's skin.
Gino didn't even realized that his skin have turned red. When Shea look at her she could not help but laugh as loud as it can be. She never even saw any case of sunburn before.
Shea: "What happened to you? Did my mom give you a burning zesty potion?
Gino: "It's just a sun burn, it's when a sims is doing too many sit ups outdoor. But it's worth it though you can see it in my muscle!
Shea: " I heard that he's going to give Mike and Hannah some potion too!"
Gino: "Oh no, they're going to get them on trouble."
Shea: "In trouble? Why? It's just a potion! You should warn them if it's a dangerous thing"
Gino: "I don't think we should intervene it.
The trap for Mike and Hannah is working as they're both start drinking the love potion.
Everything went blurry for both of them.
And the potion works, Mike and Hannah finally had their first kiss and no one seemed to rejecting it. Who knows that Rose is finally able to help Mike even though all along she doesn't usually like the idea of anyone else to become heirs but her.
Although there might have been something going wrong with the plan as she might have cross the boundary too far.
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  1. I love this post! It's amazing :D

    P.S. My sims are hooked on that card table--so much fun!!

    1. Thank you!

      I didn't even know until then that it exist, it's such a fun object to play with.


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