Fletcher Legacy Challenge Generation 3

Gen 3: Episode 3: Not for Children

Monday, January 19, 2015MarkArch

Mike was having a really nice pool party the other day and everybody enjoy it, at least for most of them.  Theo broke up with his boyfriend and it's still affecting him. Thanks to his comforting brother, Theo is not sad anymore.

One person in the family members didn't even join the pool party because it's an adult only party. As the only kids in the family she was dropped off to the daycare run by teenage nanny Maddie Dunn which she think was a very boring place to be. But that doesn't stop her for making her own pool party.

She invite everyone he met in the daycare which are his second cousin Jacoby Babb and the nanny's younger brother Elliot Dunn to her own pool party.
"So what do you think of the pool guys?" Shea asked very proudly about her backyard pool.
"That's great, I can't believe my mom used to live here! This is the most awesome place in the whole town." Jacoby answered.
"I know right? I can't believe I'm the only one in the neighborhood who own a private pool!" Shea once again said it very proud of her pool.
"Yeah, I know there's a new gym replacing the old willow creek gym but this is bigger and better" Elliot said with a tiny bit envy tone to it.

Maybe not invited to the party wasn't the worst thing at all as Shea gained two new friends that day.
After finishing his painting aspiration Mike rolled his next aspiration which is to become a very rich person. That's why he started to work very hard at the . He starts collecting every single bit of his earning to get promoted so he can complete more milestone. As a hard working sims he's earning more than the average salaries than any of his co-worker. He also starts gaining an ability to never have to sleep so he can paint at night to sell for more money.

Being a business savvy isn't hard but fortunately every time he goes home after working very hard he'll have his nice dinner already prepared for him. Hannah's work had been very helpful to everyone so it's definitely not a very bad idea of him to hire her. Even though she always sad because she missed her family back at Monte Vista, she didn't feel alone as the legacy family keeps reminding her of her own family.
How she care about the family very well drew Mike's attention. As a neat sims, he always appreciated that the house is very clean around the house. As a good sims, he is also very grateful for everyone always being happy at the house giving him a good vibe aura around him. All of that was what Hannah's been doing since he start moving in to the family. Yes, she's a good looking young adult, but all of her hard working is what Mike is attracted to. He might already found the one.
Rose is very busy trying to practice her bartending tricks and that's what she did, before working at the bar, after working, even at her day off she only stop when it's time to eat, sleep, or go to the bathroom. And if her social or fun need is low, well, that's what Dandre's for.. All of that might give Shea the impression that she's being neglected all the time. She might even be right, there's almost no time left for her anymore.
So realizing that, Shea's confront her mom when it's her lunch break. She grab a juice from the fridge and drag her to the sofa so they both can watch their favorite supernatural TV Show.

"Hey Mom! I just made my own orange juice like the one you always made in that bar." Shea showed her juice.

"Yeah, that's great you'll be a great bartender someday" Rose said to her with smile and then continued eating her mac and cheese.

"I don't know if I want to be a bartender when I grew up yet, I haven't think about it yet." Shea said "I don't know if my juice is as good as yours"

"Yeah, you need to be as tall as me to be able to make your own drinks."

"So, how does it taste anyway? Is it sweet and sour? I've never tasted anything you've made before."

"You know what? I'll make you one tomorrow, it's my day off." said Rose. She finished her meal and then continue practicing her bar-tending tricks.

It might not be a long talk but Shea is very glad that at least her mom is promised to hang out with her tomorrow which they never done before.
The sun always shines bright in the morning in Willow Creek. Rose woke up early to prepare Shea's first experience in her homemade drink. She really hope that Shea like it so she perfected her drink even more than what he usually made.
"What the plum are you doing?" Hannah immediately interrupted Rose's drink making session.
"Well, I'm making a drink" Rose answered as she surprised by Hannah.
"Shea said that you make this 'drinks' for her?"
"Yes it's special for her only!"
"No, you shouldn't give this drink to children!"
"Why? Is it really that bad?"
"No, you just didn't supposed to do that!"
"Why? I mean it's make everyone happy when I made it to them why shouldn't I make this to Shea?"
"You just can't!" Hannah took all the drink she can grab and throw it away.
Shea arrived and sit in the bar stool.
"I'm sorry, I couldn't make you a drink today!" Rose apologized to Shea.
"Well, I don't think I'm supposed to drink anyway. I don't even think I can. The only thing I want is that you can hangout with me more. You've always been making drinks all day and night. That's all!"

"Why didn't you say so?" Rose asked with a lot of guilt in her. She then promised to hang out more. She and Shea were finally best friends forever.
Rose and Dandre's relationship might not be as close as Rose's parent's relationship, but Rose is very good at keeping her romantic relationship high. Their friendship bar might not be as high as when they were children but their romantic bar never decay and they never fight even once. One thing why there is never a fight between them was that they always be true to each other.
It might be very good for their relationship but not for everyone. Mike is a really good friend with Dandre but as high it must be Dandre always tell everything Mike say to Rose even if it's a secret.

The other night, Mike had been telling Dandre everything about her having a feeling to Dandre and ask him to keep it a secret. After their morning before work woohoo routine he told her everything.

"What? Are you sure?" Rose is very surprised.
"Yeah, he's definitely into her, don't tell that to her though"
"You know him, he haven't told her that yet, he said he's too busy with his live"
"But he's the heir, what is he waiting for? Well, I'm calling mom on this, I don't think I'm going to work today"
Dandre didn't expect this to happen at all. But Rose already called Leilani because apparently she had some kind of idea.

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