September Short Story Challenge: She's late!

Sunday, September 25, 2016MarkArch

Although Newcrest was always the most beautiful city in the world. Until one day, a green mechaniton attack the city.

"Destroy! Destroy! Muahahaha! Newcreast will be all but empty lot and rubble!"

The mechanitron destroy every single lot in the land, it seems like there's no way but prepare for our imminent demise!

Although wait, there's something on the sky. It's a purple man!
With him and his trusted sidekick unica with his super awesome amazing unicorn power he's going to obliterate the mechanitron into the ground.

The mechanitron was trying to fight the purple man but the super awesome amazing unicorn power was just too great. Also mechanitron's weakness is water and using the rainbow unicorn power which was made by condensing the water to reflect the light in the sky into a super awesome amazing magical rainbow preciousness. The mechanitron was destroyed until there's no more but salvageable trashcan.

After salvaging the trash, purple man got 2 common upgrade parts and 1 electronic upgrade parts. He can use this to upgrade his super awesome amazing purple car to become self clean.

After throwing the already salvaged trash into the trash bin. There's a helicopter comes from the sky.
It was purple woman. She was purple man's boyfriend. They're inseparable super awesome amazing hero couple.
"You are late!" the purple man said "The mechanitron already destroyed every single lot in newcrest!"
"I'm sorry I have a reason to be late!"
"What reason it is, we could've prevented this!"
"Well, I'm pregnant!"
"What? How! We always woohoo and not try for baby"
"Yeah, but you're the one installing the risky woohoo mods you said the risk increase the pleasure, just like when fighting bad criminal!"
"I'm sorry but I can't be a father! The world need to be saved and being a father would mean that I need to save the world. Evil still roams the world, and family would just be a burden."
"So this is good bye then! I guess there's no way changing your mind. It's okay, at least you know!"
Purple girl went into her helicopter while purple man riding his unicorn. They part away from the world. It seems at first they're the perfect couple, but apparently strong bond can be severed by a strong will.
In the dark room there lies three minion. They're all gnome. It's definitely clear that they're up to no good!
"Boss, I'm sorry the mission failed! It's the purple man, he's too strong!" the gnome in the middle said.
"It's the ghost gnome's fault, he's the one suggesting that flat robot!"
"What? You're the one making it, I said a giant gnome would do!"
In the middle of the darkness the one with authority finally spoke!

For the comic slideshow version thingy go to this link!

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