Fletcher Legacy Challenge Generation 3

Gen 3, Episode 2: Pool Update!

Friday, January 09, 2015MarkArch

The legacy house have been very organized since Hannah come to help. She helped cleaning, cooking, and even repairing. She loves doing all of those chores. All she needed was getting used to the weirdness of the family. The thing she likes the most is that she will never felt alone anymore.

Sometimes she remembered about her family in Monte Vista. The wall, the villas, the plaza, the colloseum, the firewood oven, and so many thing that reminded her about her hometown. But the joy of the family always make her feel so happy to became one of it. She's a family oriented sims after all.
Several simdays passed. A new build mode feature have been invented for The Sims 4. There's finally a pool in Fletcher's Legacy House. All the household member can't wait to try the pool. They finally tried their randomly generated swimsuit and jump in to the pool. Everybody love this change.

Other thing that change is that Shea was finally aged up to a full grown child. She had her father's blonde hair and pale skin tone. But she had her mother's green eye.She also inherit her mother's self assured traits. Shea is a lot closer to her dad than her mom, maybe because of their similar looks, or maybe for other reason.
Mike have also been swimming a lot in the swimming pool. He finally found his favorite hobby beside his painting aspiration, which he already finished. He had been swimming all day long with his red speedo. It also help his astronaut career a little bit better that he also gain a lot of fitness skill by swimming.
Mike had always been in his greatest day ever. A good job, finished aspiration, and being an heir of the Fletcher family, everything had been achieved.
But there's one thing he never even care to touch. He never think about being an heir to the legacy at all. He didn't ever once think about finding a love or at least a wife to at least bear an offspring for him. Not that he had a commitment issue, it's just that he had always been thinking too much about how to be a really good sims. He have been thinking too much.
Maybe if he stop thinking too much, he might just realized that what he need all along is just right in front of him.
Since Mike had been an heir, he always had this new tradition of having a family dinner. Now that he had Hannah as a buttler, it's all possible to be done. That is a really good place for everyone to sit down and talk about what they have been doing in the day. Rose and Dandre don't usually able to attend the dinner because they work really late in the night. But still, Mike is really happy that his family is finally done with all the heir grabbing competition and sit together as a big happy family.

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