Cody Fletcher Fletcher Legacy Challenge

Gen 1, Episode 2: Fiery Love

Friday, October 24, 2014MarkArch

It was a very nice talk with that girl. But it looks like she's the only people passing through. Well this lot is the worst, nobody seems to pass by. Maybe because its a lot for the rich people and people don't like passing in front of them. Well at least the dinner was okay for Cody. He's ready for the next day.

Woke up in the morning, he found some rocks that has gem's in it. Well actually that's the only thing Cody seem to found. He's finally looking for something to grow. But he found out that the trash that he didn't pick up have already grown. He wish that if he planted some simoleon it would be able to grow money tree. Well doesn't seem it's going to happen.

Feeling bored he travel to the gym, since he really wanted to be the best at athletic. He really wanted to become healthy someday. But it might be really hard to do since he don't really have that much simoleons to support his live. He gotta work hard. Well at least he made friend with Lace Smith and George Wallaby.

Exhausted after pushing too hard, Cody finally return home. He was cooking some hotdog until Marley came at the door. She seems to like Cody's house for some reason. But maybe it's not his house, maybe it's Cody.
They talked all night but Marley had to go home soon, it's family business she said. Cody really like the facts that she loved her family.

That long talk make Cody forgot that he was making a hotdog and forgot to turn of the grill. The fire burn his only cooking appliance but at least he can buy some fridge from the insurance money.

In the next night Cody finally have the guts to ask Marley for a date and they finally enjoy their first kiss, and the first woohoo too.

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  1. "I can read minds...My wife is cheating on me!"
    "You don't even have a wife."


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