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Gen 1, Episode 1: Under the Dome

Monday, October 20, 2014MarkArch

The Sims 4 Fletcher Legacy Challenge starting lot
Cody was really bored. This very super huge lot was just useless for him. He need at least a house to be lived into. He just came here and expected a big live in the Willow Creek.

For a long time he finally found Sir Armor. He is the guardian of the legacy challenge. He call for Cody. As Cody never now anything about legacy challenge he just think he's imagining that this chunk of rusty armor is talking to him.

"CODY!" Sir Armor shouted loudly!

Cody realized that it's definitely not a sound of imagination. It had to be real.

He then approach Sir Armor.

"Hey somebody in there?" Cody asked assuming that it's just someone wearing this junk of armor and trying to prank call him.

"Cody! You have been chosen!" Sir Armor said gently.

"What? No way there's nobody in there!" Cody. asked He's more confused now realising that this armor really is talking to him. "What do you want from me? Who the heck even choose me?"

"Cody, you're chosen to bring peace to the world. So I will give you anything you wanted if you're agree to do this challenge" said Sir Armor.

"Well, What is the challenge?" Cody asked curiously.

"You have to do a legacy challenge" sir armor explained and then continue to explain the challenge.

Cody: "Okay fine whatever I just want houses can you provide that?"

Sir Armor: "Your wishes is granted"

Sir Armor disappeared and a really ugly house had appeared right in front of him. 

The Sims 4 Fletcher Legacy Challenge Mr Armor meet Cody Fletcher
"Well it's better than nothing" Cody said with no complain. He even seemed to really considering to take the challenge. What would be so hard about Legacy challenge? He thought.

First thing Cody do after all that crazy stuff is looking for a friend. and he naturally becoming friend with Gonzal. He lives somewhere in Willow Creek in some part of a town that Cody can't seem to go to to.

Several day has passed and one thing Cody knew about legacy challenge was that he had to have a new generation. So he decided to looking for a perfect woman to be the heir's bearer.

He found Marley Battle when he was jogging alone and it seemed that they have sparks in them. She's even okay with how bad the place he lives. But Cody can't be too fast to decide if she's good enough to be his "queen". But one thing Cody is certain about. He is in love.

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  1. Just started reading your legacy. Very nice. Me like the pretty speech bubbles. Shiny. Colorful. OoO

    1. Thank you, there will be more speech shiny and colorful bubbles in all of the chapter

  2. Your story has been open in my browser for like a month. Finally getting started!!

  3. That house made me giggle so much! :) I hope he likes his roof.
    Very cute intro by the way. It's interesting. :D


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