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Gen 1, Episode 4: Deathly Birthday Cake (Halloween Special Episode)

Monday, October 27, 2014MarkArch

The wedding night is over, everything seem to be going well. The newlywed is finally start getting frisky with each other. They cannot wait for the new generation to come.


Day after the wedding when Marley is gardening the plant in the morning Nico Battle, her son, come over. He doesn't seem happy.

Nico: "Hey mom, I miss you so much, it's been forever since your wedding"
Marley: "Me to honey, how's your father"
Nico: "He's fine, but well, can I ask you for a favor?"

Nico: "So dad have been very tense since you're gone and he often vent his anger towards me. I don't want any of that anymore"
Marley: "That is why I leave your father son, he's a little bit insane.But I don't think I can help you with anything"
Nico: "Well, maybe if I live with you, would that be okay?"
Marley: "I don't have anything against that but I can't promise you much but I hope Cody agrees to this"

And later that night he tell Cody everything and Cody agrees to that term. Nico Battle is finally moving in with them.


Days after that Marley was having his new born son, he called him Evan Fletcher. He look just like her mother.

The next morning she finally had her birthday. Her birthday was supposed to be three days ago but she couldn't age up while pregnant. It's just that everything is very quiet because Cody was already at work and Nico was still asleep. But something terrible is happening.
She heard something from behind.

Marley: "Who is that?"

She turned for a second and nobody's ther. The birthday candle were blown by the wind. She lit the candle once more and tried to blow it off by her self.

Something wrong is happening to her body. Her back is really sore. She looked at her hand and she spot that she had wrinkles now. Her hair is also turn grey. She knew that this is pretty normal as she was an adult and after blowing the birthday candle she is now an elder.

But when she tried to remove the birthday candle, all of a sudden, the candle were lit up. She knew she shouldn't blow that birthday candle once more but she was forced to do that by some unknown source.

She felt numb on all of her body. She fell into the grown. She feel that she aged up beyond elder. The last thing she saw was the reaper.
When Nico woke up, everything is all too late.


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  1. she blew out the candles twice? I didn't know you could kill an elder by having them blow out candles. Hmmmm...(insert evil plot twists here)

    1. Hmm I didn't intend to do that but it seems like she did. And no you can't kill an elder by blowing out candles, not so evil I guess??


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