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Gen 1, Episode 7: My Oldman's Trick, Part 2

Friday, October 31, 2014MarkArch

It's time to try what he'd been told to do when it comes to a girl. She called one of girl in her class to do homework together. She absolutely delighted to that idea especially since Evan is the best in his high school. Her name is Leilani Shearer. She's actually a lot younger than Evan, since she just aged up 3 days ago.

They were finally finishing their homework. He remembered about what to do when he got a girl on the sofa. He put his arm at the back of the sofa, and tried to slowly put his arm around her, and wallah! He didn't know that it would actually work.
Well, as he didn't actually know what to do after that, they're just start compliment each other nicely. They keep on snuggling until dark came.
As it started to get dark, his older brother Bob had came to pick her home. She said goodbye and asked him to call her back.

Her brother didn't seem to like Evan though, but she didn't care a bit. She just knew Evan was going to be the one.

Evan called her for another date. They'd been going out for a while now. He's preparing for some surprise. His father asked him that girl likes meat. Evan is not so sure if it's what she would like or what he would like. Well, there's no harm in cooking something for her date though.
She came just when the food is ready. They're sitting and talking, joking a little bit, also a little bit flirting. One thing very special had been prepared.

"I've been waiting to tell you this but I think it's time!" Evan said a little bit nervous.
"What is it?" Leilani asked curiously
" I've been thinking lately. I wanted to make sure that you're going to be my wife someday and have kids together, I know it sounds crazy, but, I hope this ring will keep us together"

"Are you serious? I love that ring! Thank you! I maybe become your wife someday!" and then she looked at the clock, "Oh no, it's too late now I've got to go!"

Leilani then walked home, It's pretty dangerous especially that this town have no taxi and she lived in the oasis spring.

"Hey, there is more thing I wanted to say!"
"What is -?"

And then he move toward her fast and kiss her right away. it was their first kiss. It was not bad. But it was not his father trick, he made his own little trick and it works. It work because he really think that they are meant to be together.

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