Cody Fletcher Evan Fletcher

Gen 1, Episode 6: My Oldman's Trick, Part 1

Thursday, October 30, 2014MarkArch

"You have to continue this legacy son, we've been chosen!" explain Cody to evan about this legacy challenge stuff.

Evan wouldn't believe him, a talking armor that give him a dome?

"I don't even believe in watcher controlling everything we do!"

"Well he's also making this house, how do you think it's happen?"

"It just popped out of the thin air, isn't that not logical enough for you? How do you even think watcher is the one building this"

"Well, he's not building this one, he's downloading it from other watcher's gallery, but He did the furnishing though"

"Great, so there's more than one watcher now!"

"By the way, even if you're an 'Autonomist' can you at least resume this legacy challenge? Think of it as though I'm the one challenging you, you like challenge right?"

"Well not that I can't do that, It's just that, I'm not like you, I'm just a genius geek, no girls ever wanted to even near me. You can just stare at a woman and they fall into your grasp"

"That I can handle, I'll teach you some of my trick!"

Everything Evan said about his father is true. Cody was really good with women, you can't even count on how many he had been with. Part of Evan really like that side about him. He desire women just as every male sims does.
Even at his son's birthday he manage to get himself another one of his one night stand.
Well whatever it was he's about to be taught about that trick. He's going to be having all these teen girls around both Willow Creek and Oasis Spring.
Evan is really proud of his Dad, but Cody is actually worried it's going to end soon. He's about to get the last birthday of his life. He's worried that his is going to end sooner than he thought.
But one thing he actually know, It's not gong to end because he already have his son. He'll continue the legacy of Fletcher family and he know he's going to be good at it because he's a Fletcher.

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