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Gen 1, Episode 5: Fishing for Memories

Wednesday, October 29, 2014MarkArch

It was a very rough time for Cody and Nico. But everything need to go on. Evan, the next eligible heir must to be raised to perfection. Who know what he'll become in the future.

Cody and Nico, both set aside their difference to raise Evan to be the best he can be. It might be hard to do without a mother figure but it can be done.
Days, weeks, months and years past. Evan grew to become a young champion. He was such a smart student. Becaming an A Students in just a couple of week he was called a genius by all their friends. But that is not what he wanted, he actually enjoy creating art. He wanted to be the best in it and he pretty much achieved it. Playing many instruments and drawing pictures are his specialty. He even has a wide imagination and can be easily inspired just by daydreaming.

It was a sunny day at Willow Creek, well it have always been sunny on Willow Creek, and young Evan wanted to go fishing with his half brother Nico. It's unusual that he actually wanted to go with him since he usually capable of going fishing himself.
They went at the fishing spot right in front of their house. Evan  wanted to know all about her mother since she never have been raised properly by her. His father doesn't like to talk about her so much. So Evan ask her all about her mom, how she look, what she likes to do and all the thing that they loved to do when he was still his age. It might be a little bit uncomfortable for him to talk about it but the way Evan ask touch his heart.

Meanwhile, Cody was home bringing a nice lady Stella Antonio to his house. Lately Cody has been looking for another match. He might be still sad about her wife, but his trait isn't made for being a alone. He always looking for a partner even though it always just ended up with a random hook ups. It might be because he just can't forget the love of his live or maybe he just haven't found the right one.

Even the little Evan noticed it. All the different girls that his father brought home is surely why. But he definitely still don't understand about all this stuff. Even though all he's been through, he's still a kids.

Maybe there's more to Cody's intention. But whatever it is, he's definitely a lot better now.
Even though it was a really fun fishing, even didn't catch anything but a log, and Nico only catch a very small fish. Well it's not the fish anyway that matter, fun is the thing that matter. He might catch a better fish next time!

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  1. Going down the list of stories to catch up're my new lunchtime companion!

  2. Love how you get toddlers into the game!

  3. I miss toddler so much! Thanks for reading! Hehe!


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