Cody Fletcher Fletcher Legacy Challenge

Gen 1, Episode 3: Marriage and Divorce

Saturday, October 25, 2014MarkArch

Last night was a very fun night for Cody. After eating his leftover green salad he met with Marley outside ready to go home. She asked him if he wanted to visit her in her place later this afternoon. Of course he would love to, it won't be any worse than his own place.

Cody really like Marley's house. She had a really nice couch where he and Marley sit together. They were making out when someone is walking in front of them with a really sad look.
"Who is that guy?", he.asked..
"There's something I haven't tell you", Marley said nervously.
"Well, what is it?", he asked worriedly.
"It's that, you never ask if I'm single but I really think I should've told you that I'm still married" Marley asked. "I'm getting a divorce though"

"Well if that so!" Cody get something out of his pocket. "I have a surprise for you"

"Will you marry me?" Cody asked her on his knee.
"I thought you wouldn't ever asked after all that.", Marley said on tears.
"I still have no answer", he said
"Well of course I wanted to!", she answered excitedly
Cody stayed up late in her place. Next morning he met Marley's son Nico Battle. He seem to be a very good young adult. He said that his parents are not happy with each other, and he wish the best for them.
A lot of  money is needed to plan a marriage but after some hard work as a Code Monkey, he finally able to afford it.

Marriage in a church is really expensive but at least his large lot is suitable for a small wedding. He rent some chairs and wedding arch so it will be a lot cheaper than renting the entire building.

Marley finally came with her beautiful black wedding gown. They are very excited about this marriage. There is no doubt that it was the best night of their live.

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  1. That was funny :)
    I hope they are happy together.
    Also thank you so much for taking part in the link party! :)

    1. Yeah happy, ehehe, ::awkwardlaugh:: you haven't seen the next episode!
      Your welcome, It was lovely for you to make the link party

  2. LOL, I can't believe he proposed to her in her house with her husband at home. Hilarious!! I love your sarcasm in the comics.

    1. Thanks! I love sarcasm in comedy, well I guess in RL too!


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