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Gen 1 Finale, Episode 8: Joint Birthday!

Saturday, November 01, 2014MarkArch

"Does it have to be this early?" ask Evan to Nico about the exercise he's suggesting.
"Not really but you have to go to school, you still need to continue this after school too"
"But will she really like it though?"
"What girl wouldn't like a man that is buff?"

Everything they'd done after all that exercise is paid of. Evan had lost almost half his usual weight. Evan will do anything for Leilani even if that means hardwork.

She called her over again to surprise her. But when she came, she was surprised, but in a bad way!
"Why did you do this?" Leilani asked. She is pissed.
"What you don't like it?"
"Well, it make me insecure with my self, I think I'm just going to leave now!

Evan is wondering why did she became angry to him. He kept thinking why but maybe it's just her. But it still make him feel very angry about all this. He angrily punch all his anger to the punching bag hoping he would feel a lot better.
It seems like she doesn't really mad with him. He came and hug Evan.
"I'm sorry, I don't know what's going through me"
"That's okay I should've told you about it first"
"Thank you for understanding me, you really are perfect"
Leilani stayed up at Evan's place. It's also weird no one came to pick her up.
"Well, tomorrow is my birthday, and you just have yours"
"Yes, my birthday was a blast, my mom give me a doll house, even though I'm a teen now. Well, what would you want for birthday"
"I think I want you to have birthday with me together. So maybe we can marry even faster?"
"I mean I'll be an adult tomorrow and you're still a teen and unless using mods we can't be romantic to eachother"
"Are you seriously going to age me up just for that? Un-believable"
She rushed outside, she seemed that she didn't want to see Evan's face anymore.
"What is that cold shoulder for?"
"If you're not going to wait for me to age up naturally, I think we should break up"
"Fine, you're such a hot headed teenager anyway."
She then left without saying anything anymore. After a long time thinking, Evan realized that he just screwed everything up.
The next day just before Evan's birthday party going to start Cody finally found a way to meet his only sweetheart Marley. And because of that, Evan is the next true heir of Fletcher Legacy.

But at this stage of downfall, will Evan be able to continue this legacy?
And with breaking up with Leilani, will he found another true love?

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  1. "Don't worry I'll be back when the ghost patch is out" omg I died xD

    1. Please don't die, there're still more chapters coming hehe, thanks for commenting though!


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