Evan Fletcher Fletcher Legacy Challenge

Gen 2, Episode 3: Modified Bar

Wednesday, November 12, 2014MarkArch

Leilani and Evan are planning their wedding day. But before married Leilani reveal that she have this dream of wanting to married her best friend. So they're talking a lot until they finally become best friend. It might be silly but Evan is okay of becoming both her husband and BFF.

"And we're now best friend forever! Let's get to the church right away" said Leilani.
They both go to the church with their family and relatives.
Evan doesn't really fond of church. He don't believe in watcher controlling everything they do. He believe that every sim have autonomy and story progression. So the idea of worshiping the one who watch and control everything sims do is not for Evan.

Even if that is true, he love Leilani more than anything he believes in. Especially that this church have a history for her family. This church has been the family church of the Shearer family from generation. Evan must bury his dream of getting married in a giant mansion.

 For Evan the place did not matter. What did matter the most is their marriage to run well.
Everyone is in the room have already here it's time for their wedding ceremony. Everyone was very happy that they are happily married.
After the ceremony is over, they all heading to the party area. Everyone is congratulating them.
 The wedding party was very crowded. But it was definitely one of the best thing of their marriage.
Leilani's mom and dad is very proud of Leilani's wedding. Even though Bo his brother might not be too happy about their marriage he at least attended the wedding and that's all Leilani wanted.
The ceremony end at twelve o'clock. Everyone goes home happy and tired.
And the real party for Evan and Leilani had come. It's time for them to consummate their marriage bringing a new heir to the legacy. It's their first time trying for baby and they're very excited about them.

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  1. Lol @ "I should go to church more often"


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