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Whims First Issue 22/03/2015

Sunday, March 22, 2015MarkArch

So welcome to the first issue of Whims, weekly (maybe two or more weekly) sims news. It will cover all things about what sims related things I've been doing! This is definitely a rip off version of CathyTea's amazing This Week in Simlit so if she's going to sue me well, you won't be seeing this I guess.

Fletcher's Headline

Episode 11 of Fletcher Legacy is out, if you haven't read it, read it, full of drama and also some cliffhanger. Theo is going to honeymoon with his new husband to Twikki Island so he won't be featured in this episode. So does Dandre and Rose because she's going to do a secret mission thingy, stay tune next episode to know what it is.

Also Fletcher Legacy Challenge is nominated for Story of The Month Club thanks to the last winner Cathytea for nominating. Last time Fletcher Legacy is also nominated but didn't make it to round two, let's now vote for it so it hopefully able to enter round two! Click this Link to vote! Also vote for other story too because they're all amazing. I nominated Sunnyshay's Hella Good because of the writing in that blog is pretty amazing, you should go check it out!

Sims News

There has been a lot of Get To Work news, I can't wait to play it, and yes I'm going to get Get to Work, oh that's weird. So many trailers is out but here's the most interesting one!
Okay that's so upsetting for me! I mean, really? A male practice?

If you're going to tease us with Mal Practice please give us real mal practice, new death type, malpractice! I really wish I'll be able to be a bad doctor and ripped someone's heart out, Mwahahahaa!

Stories I've Been Reading

So I don't read a lot of stories. I used to read some of this amazing story like Jes2gstories, CathyTea's Goofy Love, and so many other wonderful thing! But when I go I'm too far behind so I'm just going to list the new story I've been reading.

I've been binge reading Summerfall's Wonderchild Challenge and that was a lot of fun! It's almost ended when the cute adorable Wonder Princess have turned into a young beautiful teenage Wonder Queen at the last two chapter. You should definitely check it out!

Also another CathyTea's campaign happening in I think goofy love legacy (haha I don't read the previous chapter yet) but that's definitely inspired me into loving my sims a lot more, not by killing my sims off with a rocket ship, I mean who does that? Did you notice I'm having a lot of CathyTea mention, it's definitely not for CathyTea to not sue me for this ripped off version of simlit, yeah? definitely not! Please don't sue me!

Youtube Corner

So I honestly love let's play a lot, but some of my favorites is minecraft videos, hehe, Sims 4 Let's Play are usually boring since I can actually play it myself. But some of them incorporate stories into them so there is some that amaze me.

First of all, The Bachelor Challenge by XUrbanSimsX, I mean, a beautiful young men met a lot of beautiful young girl fighting it out that's my kind of story. The latest chapter is definitely more intense as more and more beautiful girl gets eliminated.

And if you don't like that, I mean why?, you definitely would like this one. After the last inspiring video to promote the suicide awareness thingy, this amazing house builder is creating another Sims 4 Machinima that honestly drives me to tears. It's called The Amazing part About Life, which is the most boring part of the Sims 4, get married, having child, getting old, and all that repetitive stuff haha, it was all combined with the awesome cinematic camera view, the beautiful music from piano, and a wonderful stories it's just so GOOD!
There's so many things from youtube I think that's all for now!

SGAS News!

So there's a lot of SGAS news so I'm just do a quick link mash up!
Rose and Evan (soon) is at SunnyShay's Life is Good Session
Rose and Wance&Evan (Soon) is at BillMonaghan's Keynote Session
Rose and Mark back from the CathyTea's Transformation Session which is already finished
Evan is at CareWren's Nature and Science Session.
Rose is at Simsandsuch Coping Session
Mark is at Summerfall's Simself Session

and so many amazing people is coming to SGAS Watcher Session!

Here's the link to all of the amazing session

Also I'm thinking of extending SGAS to go over march because of personal reason!

Back Cover

So that's all folks! I hope you have amazing time reading this before it gets sued! Haha! See you next , eeh week? next two week? next month?

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  1. Wow, what a great idea! I really enjoyed your first issue, and I look forward to future issues of your Whims news :D So awesome <3

    1. Thanks! I'm glad you like it, I'm collecting some material for the future issue!


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