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Gen 2, Episode 10: I Need to Tell You part 1

Sunday, November 30, 2014MarkArch

There has been so many thing that made this family feeling a lot of emotion. One of the "thing" is the legacy challenge. It's been creating boundaries between all four of the Generation 3 kids. But something different is troubling Theo. It's not about that he'sso pessimistic about being an heir. It's about something he haven't tell anybody about. The only one he trust is his twin brother Gino. That day, he's finally had the guts to tell him all about his burden.
After a quick jogging routine at a different lot, they finally had time to sit down and had a little eating break.
Theo: "I think I had something to tell you"
Gino: "Well, what is it? I don't think you'd ever need to tell me anything, we're like already know each other so well"
Theo: "I know, I know, but it's different"
Theo was very nervous that time. But there's no going back. He must tell him.
Theo: "Well, okay, I am gay"

Gino: "Well, is that all?"
Theo: "Wait, you don't seem surprise"
Gino: "I already tell you we know each other so well."
Theo: "Why don't you tell me?"
Gino: "About who you are? You know yourself better than any one"
Theo: "I just don't know how to tell anyone about it"
Gino: "Well, we're in the world where everything is allowed, just tell him, he'll understand"
Theo: "Don't you see the legacy rules? He's going to be disappointed in me, what if I won?"
Gino: "Well you're the smart one, I'm just the gorgeous looking one, you'll figure it out"
Theo: "Just help me talk to him okay?"
Gino: "Okay but one more lap!"
Dandre had been staying over at Rose's for several days after they both grown up, they even borrowed the twins double bed for only The Watcher and them knows what is it for. The twin had been sleeping in the three bed bedroom, so Sheila had to sleep in the couch. If it's not uncomfortable, she's even using sillome of her SP to purchase some sleeping replacement potion.

That morning, she was just about to cook some breakfast when Dandre came at the kitchen.
As she's still had her morning flirtatiousness from her romantic traits, she had a whim to kiss Deandre right away, just like any other day when she's feeling flirty.
Dandre: "Wait, your mom could see us, she's always so grumpy when I'm all over you"
Rose: "Come on, she's still sleeping"
Dandre: "No, there's something I need to tell you"
Rose: "Well, what is it? Am I not irresistible enough for you? Well, what am I saying of course I'll always be"
Dandre: "No not about that, you're always as beautiful as anything beautiful in the world"
Rose: "So what is it?"
Dandre: "It's that I've already met all your family, so I invited you to meet mine.
Rose: "Oh, yeah, you always talk about them, well, are you? Well, whatever I'll be ready after breakfast"
The sleep replacement potion might not be a good idea for Sheila, it's been such a rough night that he invited Philip last night. And then something happen that night that they don't thing it's possible.
Philip woke up feeling guilty about what happen last night, his insane trait might have made him a lot more flirty than he used to be. Sheila might have been drunk because of his sleep replacement potion side effect. But he realized shouldn't have done what  he's doing. He then sneak out of bed and return hoping no one saw him leaving.
Mike was really close to finishing his final aspiration, the only thing he needed to do is selling some painting for some amount of simoleon. There's a chance that he might not be allowing him to do sell them especially some of the painting are really precious to Evan. But, he doesn't have any choice, he can't let Rose win it all especially for all the thing she's been doing to him.He can't even imagine Rose becoming an heir.

So he's using his very cute green puppy dog eye to win his father over.

Evan: "Can I sell some of your painting, I already sold mine, but not for many, I need several more skill level to be able to sell it high price"
Evan: "Just sell everything except those who had the name of your grand father, grand mother, your mother, your sister, yours, and your brothers. Don't forget to paint one masterpiece surrealism painting with my name on it once you already had your levels to max."
Mike: "Got it!"
Evan: "And don't donate the money, it's a waste of money, it goes nowhere, buy some more furniture or something nice, you understand?"
Mike: "Okay, can I donate like --"
Evan: "No not even one"
Mike: "Fine, I'll donate my own painting money."
 And Rose is finally ready to meet Dandre's family.

Will his family like Rose? Will Rose like Dandre's family? Will Gino be able to help tell his father about Theo? What will happen with Philip and Sheila's relationship? Well, found out on part 2.

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