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TS4 Big Brother, Episode 1: HoH Competition

Sunday, May 31, 2015MarkArch

From around the sims world, 8 house guest are chosen to be the first The Sims 4 big brother.
Zachery: Oh wow, that was big! I can't believe I'm in big brother!
Michaela: Me too this is amazing!
Farhan is the first one to the stair.
Farhan: Hei! Let's gather in the couch!
Kellan: Hi my name is Kellan I'm from Oasis Spring, I'm a bodybuilder and I'm also single, and yeah, that's all!
Rebecca: Kellan is definitely the hottest one, I mean, duh, she's a body builder!
Brady: I'm Brady, I work in modelling. I'm also single!

Brady: I am actually a retired secret agent, but I used to be a model when I was a child!
Michaela: I'm Michaela and I'm a nurse!
Andrea : Hey me too!
Eliana: My name is Eliana, I'm a teacher! I'm sorry but I have a boyfriend out there!
Brady: Have I met you before?
Eliana: I don't think so!

Eliana: I'm actually a rocket scientist, I think he's onto me!
Rebecca: I'm Rebecca, I'm a stand up comedian!


Zachery: Do you hear that?

Michaela: Hey, Look at the TV!

Leilani Shearer the host of TS4 BB then shows up on TV!

Leilani: Houseguest! I'm here to tell you about the twist for the season!

Everyone felt nervous and also excited at the same time!

For several days, simmers have been voting for who their favorite house guests is. Now, the one with the most vote will be given "Super Vote". What is "Super Vote"? Well, this power nomination will give you one more vote to evict for two week,. he/she will do a vote to evict in the diary room sometimes after before live eviction. Even if the holder is nominated they can still vote to evict the one sit beside him/her. Also the if the holder happen to be the reigning HoH, he/she will also be able to vote to evict the player. The "Super Vote" holder can either reveal this information of what he/she have or just keep it to him/her self.
That's it for now. bye!
Farhan: Wow, this is huge, the Super Vote can definitely flip the house!
Zachery: Yeah, I don't know if I want that much power!

Zachery: Please! All simmers! Give me that power!
 Brady: Wow there is a convinient treadmill here, I wonder why it's here? I'm definitely going to use it!
Seeing Brady upstairs alone Farhan follow him and go upstairs.
Farhan: Hey bro, you're working out?
Brady: I'm not a bro, but yes I am!
Farhan: Cool!
Brady: Hey I don't think I know your name yet! I'm Brady!
Farhan: Oh yeah, I'm Farhan I'm a graphic designer, my introduction got interrupted by the twist announcement!
 Eliana is working out at the garden!
 Kellan and Michaela is playing horseshoes!
Farhan: Hey, you know what? We can definitely make an alliance together!
Brady: Yeah, it should be secret though!
Farhan: I know, and no one would suspect us working together, right? I'm a nerdy brain and you're full of muscle, we can call it The Bruscle Sprout, because you know, brain and muscle!
 Brady: That's the stupidest alliance name I've ever heard but let's do this!
Andrea drinks a lot of orange juice!
Andrea: Hey, let's go splash!
Kellan: Well, okay!
Andrea: Ohhh, Holy Plumbob!
Andrea: Come here! We're just talking about you!
Kellan: I'm going to get dress first!
Andrea: No need, I haven't get dressed too!
Andrea: Your body is definitely built perfectly!
Kellan: Thanks, that's what I do for living!
Zachery: Oh, he's so annoying isn't he?
Farhan: Yes he is!
 Brady: So we're both athletic right?
Eliana: I guess we're going to be the physical threat of the season!
Brady: I guess so!

Big Brother: Houseguests, gather in the yard!

Eliana: I guess it's time for HoH competition!
Each houseguest will run in the treadmill. The last one standing will become the first HoH! The first four out of the treadmill will become have not! 3rd, and 4th place will pick between two boxes that will contain one punishment and one reward.

Watch the Video for the result!
Don't forget to vote who should receive "Super Votes" I change the vote so now you can vote for every hour but only one vote each time.

Also vote for who do you think will be this week nomination!

Who will be this week nomination and who will receive the "Super Votes" find out in the next Highlight Show!

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