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SGAS Watcher Opening Ceremony: The Speech

Sunday, March 22, 2015MarkArch

There wasn't anything happen at day 2 autonomous so I'm skipping it to the next opening ceremony!

Jessica is still feeling tense with so many strangers around her
... and so does Jamie
Sequoia decide to sit next to rose!
Here's the awkward greeting between Rose and Sequoia
I'm looking for her everywhere and she's in the room upstair painting a masterpiece!
Everyone was finally there!

I totally missed the autonomous hug! They ended up friend after all.
Everyone is actually sitting down, after so many hours of commanding everyone to sit down
and the opening speech is finally starting

Oh finally!
I put the door back, everyone was out of the room.
Here is the lot, it's made out of so many rooms and debug object, so I "might" not going to upload it to the gallery.

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  1. Poor guy lol. Nobody listened!


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