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Landgraab's Wonder Child Episode 6: All Energetic

Saturday, March 28, 2015MarkArch

Welcome back, last time when we met Farah finished 2 of her aspiration Whiz Kids and Artistic Prodigy which give her a lot of points, I gave those points into speed reader because it's going to be very useful later. Here I have her talk to Nina Caliente and practice writing, I wanted her to unlock the typing game because I think it's the best way to gain motor skill while conversing with other people.

 In the social butterfly aspiration there's two age group of sims that she have to befriend, adult, and child, so I don't bother to talk to any teen. Also here I befriend the adult using direct conversation because you can gain charisma skill with adult and not with children, correct me if I'm wrong, It's just late my discovery.
 It is not bad to make friends with two person because I think it is more likely to make them bored if we're alone than when we're not. Also befriending two people at once guaranteed that the other person's friendship meter don't decay until it's no longer friends. It's really beneficial to make two adult friends immediately because after you get the aspiration point it will consider it successful and you can forget that adult friends.
 Here is a scene where I brought her to the Nancy Landgraab, if you read the caption, I threatened her to disable aging for unplayed household. But remember this for later because it is actually have to do with the wonder child mission, not only for story reason.
 I also have her here because Nancy have the best computer in game and I'll max mentor skill by typing game which will take hours of gaming and I don't want to break my home computer because our computer have really bad reliabilty.
Always take a brisk shower before playing typing games because it being energetic is apparently will boost motor skill while playing games. If you have a whim like push up, sit ups, and stretch after you're being energetic, it's definitely not hurt to do that as it gives you a bit of motor skill and also small amount of points.
One reason why I finished her mental skill first is because she can increase her video gaming skill while also gaining motor. It is also good to make her focus instead of energetic because it can also boost her video gaming skill and also it's easier to make her very focused than very energetic.
 Very energetic can also be gained by giving her a nutritious food which I totally forget the name, by bringing Rose, making her energetic and cook the special protein food thingy (forgot the name). Rose also has a very high cooking skill and The Laandgrabs have an amazing oven which will make the food an awesome taste that can give her boost to energetic moods making her very energetic.
And that's all for now, Farah gained two adult friend she'll never talk again (well depends on aspiration she's going to master), she also gain a highscore from typing game, I also manage to level up her motor skill to level 8. I don't want to maxed it here for later purpose. And that's all for this episode, next time we'll have 3 more friends and maybe finished all her childhood aspiration, see you later!

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