Fletcher Legacy Challenge Generation 3

Gen 3 Episode 11: Mama Knows Best

Friday, March 20, 2015MarkArch

Both Shea and Judd have grown up. They've been a very good friends and Shea seems to be a good role model for Judd to be a better sims. She loves telling him an advice or two. Shea also loves spending her free time with him. They're just like siblings, as both of them can't have anymore siblings due to the size of the house.
One of Mike's concern was how skinny Judd was and as a responsible parents Mike with the help of Gino mentored him to get the ideal body. Judd as an obedient son just do what his parent say because he believed all his parents asked him for is for his own goodness.
As the day went on, he's starting to get more and more tired of doing all of this. He realized that he's not as any other sims who can went on and on running on a treadmill and pumping irons for hours and hours. The dissonance between his traits and the routine is just too much to bear.
The only time he's feeling his inner peace was through napping. Nothing can beat waking up with the tranquility of a comfortable sofa.
It's a beautiful morning and everyone have a good sleep except Judd who have a sore body after yesterday's work out routine. He's supposed to be feeling really good after a good sleep and then it didn't seem that way. He decided to finally reveal his deepest feeling about him not being able to do exercise routine anymore.
Mike: "Are you sure about this? This is only for your own sake"
Judd: "I know, but what good is athletic skill for me anyway? I mean those are a beautiful body but I don't want that, really"
Mike: "It's going to be good for you once you're an adult, there are so many career choice that needs a good physical strength"
Judd: "It's not that I'm going to be an astronaut like you, or whatever Gino's job are (it's secret agent), and other than that there's no other perks of having high fitness skill, I'm thinking painting, you're level 10 painter, why won't you teach me that instead?"
Mike: "Well, it's different, It's been 2 generation of painter already some change will be good, are you sure you don't want to look like this? You're going to be the only heir of Fletcher Legacy, and you need to look good in the family album, just like me, grand father, and great grand father!"
Judd: "Oh it's about legacy isn't it? So all you've been teaching me is for this legacy isn't it?"
Mike: "Yeah, of course that's one of the reason!"
Judd: "Don't you ever talk to me about that? About how I really feel about being the heir? Do you really think I wanted to be the heir?"
Mike: "You have no choice, you're my only son!"
Judd: "Well, have me as your heir, and I will be the last heir of Fletcher Legacy, I bet you didn't know I didn't like children and never thinking of having one!"
Mike: "Oh now you're grounded, no TV or napping! Now just go to the work out bench, you uncle is waiting for you there!
Judd go outside the room and slam the door. He then met his uncle Gino who's ready to give Judd some work out session. Gino is a little bit concern about Judd's glum face.
Gino: "Hey what's with the gloomy face, you're starting to look like your father"
Judd: "Nothing let's just start the session!"
Judd start pumping the iron and thought comes to his mind.
Judd: "So, how is my dad being the heir again? I mean, why it's not you, or Rose, or even Theo.
Gino: "Well, he's the only one who finished 2 aspiration, but I actually came at second, if only I had enough time, Mike just had a big head start.
Judd: "So, is that mean I'm the only choice for heir?"
Gino: "Yeah, pretty much, why are you asking anyway?"
Judd: "I wish I wasn't the heir"
Gino: "Really? You don't want to? I've been wanting to be an heir since your grandpa told me about the legacy challenge!"
Judd: "I know, the premise of having children is just too much of a business, I don't want children to kept me occupied for the whole"
Gino: "How about you give me the heir title, I'll be living a lot more longer than your father as a long lived sims so when the time is come, you know, I'll fill in!
Judd: "Really you'd do that for me?"
Gino: "Yeah, what I won't do for my precious nephew, oh by the way, just kept this a secret"
Gino couldn't believe what Judd had told him, it's been all of the 3rd generation kids wish to became the heir of Fletcher Legacy and now it's all in front of him.
Judd: "Mom, can I talk for a second?"
Hannah: "Anything for you son!"
Even though it's supposed to be a secret Judd can't help but telling his Mama about this first. He doesn't want her to be upset with his decision because all she ever done to him was taking side with him in anyway. He would felt so guilty not telling this to his Mama.
Hannah: "Are you sure this is what you want?"
Judd: "Yeah, I've already decide it"
Hannah: "If that is really what you want do what is best for you! But think about it first!"
Judd: "Just don't tell dad! I upset him so much already"
Hannah is a family oriented sims and her husband is also her family, so he told him about everything.
Mike: "Please tell me if it's just a joke!"
Hannah: "Don't tell him that I told you"
Mike: "I must, he shouldn't do this, I'll make sure this isn't happening"
Hannah: "There must be another way"
Mike: "Well, how about we have another baby, as soon as Theo back from his honeymoon, he'll probably move out with his husband, there we will have a chance to conceive another baby"
Hannah: "But!"
Mike: "This is the only way"
Even though he already had this all figured out but he still felt a big torn in his heart. He can't believe all the work he's done to be a good parent to Judd did not pay off. He's gone to his spaceship wishing for him to be able to alleviate his sadness. He's hoping everything will change after he goes through time and space.
But when the ship take of there's something happened to the rocket ship as it fell down to the earth and explode.

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  1. I feel like I missed a chapter. I don't remember Judd being born, and have no idea who Shea is lol.

    1. The producer only order 12 episode of generation 3 so I just squeeze it into the other chapter, Haha. I'm just too lazy about some part, especially about baby being born, marriage, the spare, other things, I'm just focusing on the main character's story.

      I don't do that chapter about him being born (all baby look the same you know!) but baby Judd is in G03E08: Plumbolamadioxide
      and Shea is Rose's child, she was born in the first episode of generation 3, and her episode is in G03E03: Not for Children and appeared slightly in some episode after it.

    2. LOL @ the producer. Good answer :-)

      Yeah, it's not necessary to capture every detail (she says...to HERSELF lol). Oh yeah...I remember Shea and Judd now. Where is my brain?

    3. It's not that it's bad to capture every detail, so many writers did it well and it usually give more character to the sims, it's just too boring for me, it usually gives me writers block if I have to write every single repetitive sims stuff.


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