SGAS Watcher

SGAS Watcher: Autonomous Day 1: Dr. Jasmine's Aura

Wednesday, March 18, 2015MarkArch

There's like a bunch of place to shower but I think Serenity doesn't mind dirt in her clothes- and her entire body! Well look at that face, that is such a happy face
Everyone love Mark's cooking, but no one care to clean up but Rose
Even though she actually is very tired
So does everyone else! But no one autonomously looking for bad sofa or anything!
Well, except Dr. Jasmine, she slept beautifully!
Instead of going to sleep they all keep talking until morning. Well, I don't blame them, I would do the same if I met all these wonderful sims
Jessica is trying to talk to Sequoia but it seems like she ignore her?
Even Sarafina, who just join after updating her status upstair, sense the awkwardness between them
Thankfully Dr. J woke up, join the down stair party and try to break the ice
Her positive aura brings the conversation to become more alive, she haven't even started her session yet

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