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TS4 Big Brother: Episode 3 part 4: Live Voting, HoH Competition

Sunday, June 07, 2015MarkArch

Leilani: "Let's get on the living room for the first live eviction, It is now time for the first live vote and eviction of the season, Kellan, Michaela in just a moment your houseguest will cast thir vote to evict but before they do I'll give each of you a chance to sway their vote with one brief statement!"

Kellan: "Hey everybody, I love you all, I love this games, no matter what you do, remember what I'm going to benefit you if you keep me here, so please keep me!"
Michaela: "I'm sitting here with one of the most capable house guests in the house so I'm just making sure that you make the right decision which is to keep me! Thank you!"

Leilani: "It's time to vote! Brady, as head of household, you are not allowed to vote neither are the two nominees one at a time the rest of you will enter the diary room and cast your vote to evict. One of you will vote to evict, Eliana, you're up first please go to the diary room!"
 Leilani: "She manipulated Michaela to spread a rumor into the house, it's clear who she want to evict!"
Eliana: "Hey Leilani!"
Leilani: "Please cast your vote to evict"
Eliana: "I vote to evict, Kellan"
Leilani: "Zachery you're up next"
Leilani: "Michaela's comment about his son should make this choice obvious! === Zachery, please cast your vote"
Zachery: "I vote to evict, Michaela, ding dong, the witches dead!"
Leilani: "Andrea you're up next"

Leilani: "Friends with both Michaela and Kellan, this should be hard for Andrea == Andrea please cast your vote"
Andrea: "I sadly vote to evict my fellow nurse Michaela"
Leilani: "His alliance is questionably in a showmance with Kellan! What will Farhan do?=== Farhan, please cast your vote"
Farhan: "You're too dangerous in this game man! So I vote to evict Kellan"
Leilani: "And the last one is Rebecca, she's in when Michaela spread the juicy gosip, will she ! === Rebecca, please cast your vote"
Rebecca: "I vote to evict, Michaela"

Leilani: "It's 3 for Michaela and 2 for Kellan, because of the super vote, one of the house guests have already voted in the diary room just  before the life show begin! Who is it?"

Out of 36 votes, leading by a vote only it's

Rebecca with 25% of the vote, let's see who she voted then!
Rebecca: "Thank you guys for trusting me with this power, I'm going to use this vote to remove my threat, Michaela just came to me convincing me that Brady and Kellan's showmance is dangerous, which might also mean, that she also think that my showmance is dangerous, so I vote to evict Michaela."

Leilani: "It's official, Michaela Light has been evicted, now it's time to tell the news to the house guest but before that make sure to vote who do you want to have the next super vote, you can vote up to 3 house guest. You can even vote every 6 hours, vote will be closed at after Sunday episode air so make sure you already vote as many as you can!"

Leilani: "The votes are in, and by 4 to 2, Michaela, you have been evicted from the big brother house"

Everyone: "Bye Michaela!"
Leilani: "Welcome, Michaela Light everyone! Are you surprise?"
Michaela: "Yes, but I expected it, Kellan is very dangerous person! They should've evict him"
Leilani: "You're convinced by Eliana to tell everyone in the house that Kellan and Brady had a showmance, what is your take on that!"
Michaela: "She actually convinced me that I'm screwed first, so I almost had no way of telling if it's actually real, or is it just a rumor, if I didn't do that, I think it would be unanimous, I think I have swayed 2 votes.
Leilani: "Well, your friends have tape some goodbye messages for you!"
Eliana: I'm sorry but that means my plan didn't work, thanks for doing that though, I know I'm going to vote to keep you but if someone ask me about it, I'm just going to say you manipulated me!
Kellan: You're a great person, I think we could be ally in this game, thanks for being on the block with me but I'm glad it's not me!
Andrea: I voted to keep Kellan because he's better for my game, but I think we can be best friends outside of the house! We can visit each other's hospital and all, so I wanted to say so sorry for that!
Leilani: Well, you're of to jury house, there you'll get to decide who's the winner!
Leilani: It's time for another HoH Competition, you have been voting for the HoH competition you want the houseguest to compete in! And for one vote, you pick source of knowledge,

You can still vote for which PoV competition will the houseguest do by voting below

Here's how Source of Knowledge going to work! there's not a lot of way to have fun in big brother house, that's why we're giving you more books, you're divided by 3 teams with each with a book case, the last team to clear the book from their end will be eliminated. The last team remaining will have its individual team member to compete for the head of household! Everyone understand? Let's start this competition"

Leilani: "With the new houseguest reigning as the Head of Household! Everything is possible! Vote for who'll be nominated in this poll! And that's it for the first Live Eviction, I'm Leilani Shearer Fletcher, goodbye!"

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