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TS4 Big Brother, Episode 5: Power of Veto Competition

Saturday, June 13, 2015MarkArch

Previously on big brother! Michaela and Kellan was the final nomination by the first HoH Brady after Andrea save herself with PoV. Before the eviction, Eliana saw him and Kellan one of his nominee kissing and using this opportunity to save Michaela by manipulating her to reveal this secret romance as if it was Michaela that seen both of them. But Rebecca thinks that Michaela tried to get the other couple out meaning that she's also trying to take her and Zachery the first showmance of the season out of the house. So she used both her votes and super votes to send her out of the house!

At the Head of Household competition Rebecca beat Kellan by gathering more knowledge book into the source library. As Eliana confessed right away, Farhan deny the accusation and keep telling everyone that he didn't vote Kellan out. Knowing that Farhan is laying she nominated who she thought was the two other votes which is Eliana and Farhan up for eviction. Which house guests will won the veto? Will it be used to save Farhan or Eliana? Find out on Big Brother!

Farhan: "Do you think I screw up? Well yeah! But you know what? I'm going to stay off the radar for a couple of while, you won't even see any screenshot of me until the PoV competition! I'll let Eliana, or anyone who want to be on the block after I won Veto can go make themselves a target, but I'm not gonna! After my the end quote, you'll see the next big target, oh yeah, hey writer, you will do this right?"

Kellan: "It's been pretty weird between Brady and I, I know we're supposed to be in couple alliance with Zach and Rebecca, but I think he's been going too far."

Brady: "So how is your sleep in the tent!"

Brady: “So how is your sleep in the tent!”
Kellan: "I don't know, someone decided to join in!"

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Brady: “Oh come on, you don’t want my company?”
Kellan: "It's still weird though!"
Brady: "I'm sorry if you feel that way! But we should stay close so Rebecca won't suspect that we're not really together!"

Brady: "I don't know! I think he starts to like me!"


Eliana: "I know I'm not the target but I need to make sure that I'm going to be at the end and I think this is the right time to make sure that happen. This is a number games so what you need is a good alliance! I think I need to spill some secrets"

Rebecca: "I'm sorry for nominating you, I'm just using you as a pawn!"

Rebecca: “I’m sorry for nominating you, I’m just using you as a pawn!”
Eliana: "That's okay, it's just a game, but"
Rebecca: "But what?"
Eliana: “If you want Farhan gone, I don’t think it’s going to work!”
Rebecca: "Why?"
Eliana: “I’m sorry for doubting your decision but I think the guys are working together, especially now the only girl voting is Andrea, I don’t even know if she’s going to keep me”
Rebecca: "I think I get Zach's vote. Though, I don't know about the other showmance, I mean Brady and Kellan
Eliana: “It’s actually me who saw them kiss, Michaela didn’t see anything! I do it because I want to keep the girls, I thought you’re convinced by that!”
Rebecca: “No way!”
Eliana: "Yes way, we can definitely get Andrea to make all girls alliance! If any chance girls win the veto, it would be better to take me off and put another guy in place"

Eliana: "So wait, you're the one that wants the couple gone? At first I think I'm 100% on getting Farhan out, but now that she told me this, I have second thought! Farhan might lie about things but Eliana is a manipulator!"

Bear: Hello houseguest, "This is Kellan Bear, today I'm going to host the Power of Veto competition. The winner of this competition will be able to Veto one of the nomination or keep the nomination the same. If the Veto is used The Head of Household will be forced to name a replacement nominee!
"The head of household and the two nominee will compete in this task, Each will pick randomly from the bag containing 4 remaining house guest and one houseguest choice. One of the three pick will be randomly selected as a host and will not be playing the Power of Veto. Rebecca the head of household randomly picked house guest choice and pick Farhan, Eliana randomly picked Kellan, and Farhan randomly picked Andrea. I was randomly pick as the host and I can no longer compete in this veto challenge."

 "This veto competition is called "bait your target"! In this challenge you'll each be given a fishing rod and will each fish for fish in the pond in front of you. First person to fish any fish from the pond will have to eliminate other house guests. But, it was if you successfully fish a fish, if in any chance you fish anything other than fish, you are automatically eliminated from the game. The last person standing will win the Power of Veto!"

Kellan: "Congratulation Eliana you have won the Power of Veto!"

Eliana: "I can't believe I just won! Oh, I won't be on the block for long!"

Farhan: "Zachery just took me out without even thinking, He's definitely not trying to save me!"

Rebecca: "I guess it's going to be Farhan, but I honestly have no idea who is better to be nominated next to Farhan. I think I can easily just put Andrea, but I don't really have anything against her and neither does she!"

Farhan: “I think i’m going to go! I can’t believe he didn’t even think to took me out!”
Brady: "I'm sorry dude, If I play in that veto, I'm going win it I'm taking you off for sure"

Andrea: "There's a big possibility that I'm going to be put up as a replacement nominee. At first, I'm just trying to think that I'm probably okay because Farhan is a bigger target than me, but Eliana just told me that all the guys will be voting, I'm afraid that they actually have an all guy alliance! She suggest me to move on upstairs and talk to Rebecca to propose the counter which is an all girl alliance!"

Eliana: "This one got to work, I know the last one goes terrible, but I'm really certain this is the one! Fingers crossed though!"

Rebecca: "Let's say what eliana got to say about girls alliance!"

Andrea: “So, I know you’re thinking to put me up as a pawn, but seriously, there might be an all guy alliance so why don’t we make an all girl alliance!”
Rebecca: "So you want me to nominate, Kellan, Brady, or Zachery?"
Andrea: “Well, maybe not Zach, but either of the other two would make perfect sense!”
Rebecca: "I don't know, I don't have a reason to nominate them"
Andrea: “Do you have a reason to nominate me instead?”
Rebecca: “Well, no! But, what if they’re coming after me!”
Andrea: "I promise you if you don't nominate me, and I won HoH, I won't nominate you! You can also tell me who do you want to put up!"
Rebecca: “Let’s say what Eliana got to say about this all girls alliance!”
Eliana: "This is a really good idea! Three of us on the final three would be amazing!"

Eliana: “This is a really good idea! Three of us on the final three would be amazing!”
Andrea: “If I stay, Next week we’re guaranteed 3 of us going against 3 of them, we can even get rid any of their best players of your choosing!"
Eliana: "And I bet you can get Zach's vote right? It means we're going to be very good in numbers"
Rebecca: “Well, I’ll consider it, if you’re not the replacement it means we’ve got a deal!”
Andrea: "Okay, we're going downstairs so the guys don't suspect anything!"

Rebecca: "I don't know what to do, I actually would rather work with Andrea and Eliana than Brady. He's too unpredictable! But I have more number in the couple alliance. The thing about this is that I don't even think they're still a showmance anymore."

Kellan: "I hope so too! I hope she'll stay true to her alliance"

Kellan: “Who do you think going to be replacing Eliana”
Brady: "I'm hoping it's Andrea if she think we're still in an Alliance!"
Kellan: “I hope so too! I hope she’ll stay true to her alliance”
Brady: "I don't know though, I think she realized that we're not a couple, we might need to kiss in front of her to make sure"
Kellan: “Oh my god, stop it with this again you’re making me uncomfortable!”

Kellan: "Yeah, but I need to take shower first, I didn't do no sweat work out today!

Zachery: “Hey, Rebecca is looking for you two, she’s going to talk about something!”

Kellan: "Why? I thought we're in an alliance!"

Rebecca: “Well, thank you for coming guys, but I neeed to tell you something! I want one of you to be up for nomination just to be a pawn!"
Kellan: “Why? I thought we’re in an alliance!”
Rebecca: "I know but we can't let anyone know that we're in an alliance!
Well, I'll let you in a secret now that we're allied, I'm actually the last one to get Secret Votes so there might be a chance that I'm going to get it next! I'll let you discuss on who's going to be the pawn, even if you don't I'll still do it!"
Kellan: “You’ve nominated me so I think it’s your turn to return the favor!”
Brady: "I don't know about this, this is dangerous stuff"

Brady: "I have a feeling that this is going to go bad, I hope she picked Kellan over me so at least I can convince Andrea and Eliana to vote him out! But I don't want to be the one to convince her especially that we're supposed to be a 'couple' which Kellan is definitely not going to cooperate"

Eliana: "I'm definitely using this veto to save myself, but I'm just wondering who she's going to put up replacing me. If she put one of the guys up, it means that she's definitely approving the all girl alliance. But since my last plan to evict Kellan didn't work, I'm doubtful this is going to work too!"

Eliana: "Guys it's time for the power of veto ceremony!"

Eliana: "I'm just going to the point, I'm going to use the power of veto, which means I'm sorry Rebecca but you have to name a replacement nominee!"

Rebecca: "It's okay Eliana! I already have the replacement nominee which is!!"






Rebecca: "I'm sorry, I just had to pick someone so Brady I think you're save but for now, you have to sit on that nomination sofa!"

Eliana: "And the PoV ceremony is adjourned."

Rebecca: "Why is this hard? I get to keep both sides happy, but still this is a very hard decision!"

Brady: "I won't campaign against Farhan, but as long as my alliance stay true to their word! I will still be save"

Andrea: I think we just found an alliance! You go girls!

Farhan: "You haven't seen the real Farhan yet, I'm going to be in every screenshot next episode! I'm going to do everything to make sure that my alliance Brady is the second jury and not me! Even if I have to sell him out because winning big brother is one of my ultimate dreams!"

Who will be evicted? Brady or Farhan? Who will be the next head of household? Find out next on the 2nd Live Show of the season! But first, predict who is going to be evicted next and tell me who is your favorite houseguest!

Don't forget to check Live feed, this is the episode that happened in this episode!
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