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TS4 Big Brother, Episode 3 part 1: PoV Ceremony #1

Sunday, June 07, 2015MarkArch

Leliana: "They are the closest friends in the house! But as Brady won the HoH she went with the first one to fall on the treadmill. Kellan and Andrea is nominated for eviction. Brady get closer to Kellan and target Andrea.

"But Andrea won the Power of Veto leaving his friend Kellan behind, who will be the replacement nominee? Find out on big brother!"

Leilani: "Welcome to big brother, Andrea had won the first Power of Veto of the series, it would made her able to remove herself of the block. Because of that, Brady would be forced to rename the replacement nominee, who would that be?"

Kellan: "I'm so tired, I think I'm going to bed right now! Congratulation on winning PoV!"
Andrea: "Don't worry, I'm going to make sure you're not going as well!"
Kellan: " I can't believe I lost that PoV to Andrea, I mean, It should be my thing, I've been swimming since the start of the game. All Andrea did here is napping, well, maybe she had a lot of energy that way. Ooogh, I can't believe this!"
Brady: "Now that Andrea won that PoV fair and square, I need to come up with the replacement nominee, If i'm going with the last 3 on the HoH, it would be one of my men, Zachery, so I think I need to think of another way to nominate without having too much blood on my hand!"
Michaela: Why me?
Brady: Well, You're the first one to give up on the swimming challenge!
Michale: That's not fair Eliana, Farhan and Zachery isn't even compete in that comp!
Brady: I'm so sorry! But that's my sole decision!
Brady: "Hey, I think I'm going to make you as a replacement nominee, and don't worry, I'm sure the number is in your side, Kellan is a bigger target than you!"
Michaela: "Why me?"
Brady: "Well, You’re the first one to give up on the swimming challenge! "
Michaela: "That’s not fair Eliana, Farhan and Zachery isn’t even compete in that comp!"
Brady: "I’m so sorry! But that’s my sole decision!"
Michaela "That was the stupidest reason ever, I wish I wasn't picked for the PoV! He's an absolute moron!
Leilani: It seems like Michaela is in trouble, but in big brother house everything can happen anytime!
Zachery: So I was in the kitchen trying to help the haves cook their meal. They really need help with cooking because they have no idea about it. But forget about that, Eliana is trying to cook her franks and bean and suddenly!
Eliana cause fire!
Zachery (still in diary room voice): She caused this fire! I'm absolutely horrified, good thing there's a portable fire extinguisher in my inventory so I just use that immediately! I'm still thinking that I was going to be roasted.
Eliana: "I'm so sorry, I promise to never cook again"
Brady: "I think I might have a better replacement nominee!"

POV Ceremony!

Andrea: "Winning the power of veto will definitely elongate my time in this big brother house! I think people will respect me more after winning power of this big veto!
"Brady, you already know what I'm going to do which is to remove myself of the block, now you have to put up a replacement nominee!"

Brady: "Thank you Andrea, my replacement nominee is...."

Brady: "I've already told you yesterday, so Michaela, the replacement nominee is you!
Andrea: And the PoV Ceremony is adjourned!

Kellan (diary room): "I'm not going to lose for now, I'm just going to campaign, and they will see the good side of Kellan! Michaela is always angry, so it would be easy to for her to piss everyone off"

Michaela (diary room): "I can't believe he didn't went with Eliana, I mean, she almost burnt the entire house, he's the worst person ever!"

To be contiued in part 2!

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