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TS4 Big Brother, Episode 6 part 2: 2nd Live Eviction

Tuesday, June 23, 2015MarkArch

Leilani: "The Bruscle Sprout alliance might be strong, but tonight it must be over! It might even be over for long!"

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Farhan: "Since both of the bruscle sprout alliance are on the block, I think something I can do is to reveal it, which mean I need to sell Brady out. He's a really nice guy, but I need to do what I've got to do to stay in this house! So I've heard that the couple is really doubting Brady which is definitely going to be in my favor. So I approach them!"

Rebecca: "Why did he not trust us? I told him he's only the pawn"

Zachery: "He's (brady) been campaigning all day long with Kellan for him not to go"
Rebecca: "Of course he's not, why did he not trust us?"

Farhan: "Here's why you should keep me over Brady"

Farhan: "Here's why you should keep me over Brady. me and Brady have been in an alliance since day 1 and I’m sure 100% if he won veto he’s going to use it on me! And he knew all along I voted Kellan because he actually think it’s the best for me!”
Rebecca: "I can't believe that's actually what happened!"
Farhan: "That's the only reason I'm lying to cover up his lies too he might even let me do this because he knew I'll be the target and he won't get any blood in his hand! I promise you if you keep me here I'm going to be loyal to you!"

Farhan: "Andrea  need to be told about the reason of Brady's nomination too! She's very close with everyone I bet I can get Kellan and Eliana's vote from her!"

Andrea: "Nice talking to you"

Andrea: “This is really big, are you sure?”
Farhan: "Yeah, you're actually Brady's target, if you didn't win the veto"
Andrea: “Nice talking to you” 

Andrea: "The girls alliance need to know this, Brady is definitely a bigger threat than Farhan! He might have work with many other alliance already!"

Farhan: "I'm actually still feeling really bad about talking bad to Brady, I hope we're still friends after this!"

Eliana: "I heard Farhan talking bad about you a lot!"

Eliana: “I heard Farhan talking bad about you a lot!”
Brady: "What? No, he'd never do that!"

Rebecca: "What do you think is it to soon?"

Zachery: "Brady is definitely a big threat!
Rebecca: "What do you think is it to soon?"
Zachery: “Yeah, it’s too dangerous, keeping Farhan is a risk! It might be best to keep him in our side because I don't think Farhan would be good at keeping us!"

Andrea: "Are you sure about this? Brady is much more of a threat than Farhan "I wish you could vote, it would be really dangerous to keep Brady here, I trust Farhan more than Brady!"

Andrea: “Are you sure about this? Brady is much more of a threat than Farhan I wish you could vote, it would be really dangerous to keep Brady here, I trust Farhan more than Brady!”
Rebecca: “I don’t know, maybe if I get supervote again I’ll be able to vote”

Eliana: "Are you sure she get it though?"

Eliana: “So what do you think? Can we save Farhan?”
Andrea: "If Rebecca get the supervote, we're definitely voting Brady out"
Eliana: "Are you sure she get it though? I wish it’s one of us, but loosing Farhan is not that big of a problem really! We can't risk it!”
Andrea: "I had a feeling it would be one of the girls that get it, simmers love us! I hope! I think we need to risk it!"
Eliana: "If it didn't work, this is going to be a risky thing to deal with, but if you're risking it I'm also going to do it!

Leilani: "Let's talk to the house guest!"

Leilani: "Hello houseguests"

Housguests: "Hey Leilani!"
Leilani: "Eliana, congratulation on winning the power of veto and removing your self out of the block!"

Eliana: "Thank you, I didn't do anything really, I just catch one fish and apparently that's all what it needs to win? But at least I'm still sitting here!"

Leilani: "Rebecca, congratulation on winning Head of Household"
Rebecca: "Thanks"
Leilani: "Everything you do is watched 24 hours on the livefeed, do you think that make you done anything differently?"
Rebecca: "Well, Rebecca, no, not really, I'm just doing everything that I do in everyday live! If you don't like anything I do well just change camera! I'm sure the readers will love watching me especially the undercover stuff, right Zach?"
All  house guests laugh!
Leilani: "Thank you Rebecca!"

Leilani: "Kellan, you have been a slop for two weeks in a row, what do you feel now?"
Kellan: "I don't like not having a good eat, I'm losing my six-pack, I mean for a bodybuilder it's such a big deal to have a perfect body, but at least I'm not on the block!"
Leilani: "Thank you Kellan! But let me tell you all one good news! No one will be a have not next week!"
All houseguest: "Yeaaah!"
Leilani: "I'll be back when the live eviction begin!

Leilani: "It's either Brady Davenport a secret agent from Magnolia Promenade or Farhan Goodwin a graphic designer from Newcrest that will walk out of the Big Brother house! We'll find out next when the live voting begin and ALSO, an important announcement at the end of the episode after live Head of Household competition! "

"We'll be right back after the break!"

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