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TS4 Big Brother. Episode 6 part 3 Live Voting, HoH Competition

Tuesday, June 23, 2015MarkArch

Leilani: "Let's get on the living room for the Live Voting to begin!"

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Leilani: "Houseguests! It is now time for the live vote to begin! In just a moment your houseguests will cast their vote to evict either Farhan or Brady! But first each of the nominee will have a chance to sway their vote with brief sentence! Start from you Farhan!"

Farhan: "If you vote me out, that would be the biggest mistakes you've made because look at me, and look at him, you can see who's the bigger threat! Thank you very much"

Brady: "I love you all, Farhan is one of my best friends here but I think keeping me will be your best option because I love playing this games you guys but even if you do, no hard feelings!"

Leilani: "It's time to vote! Rebecca, as the head of household you are not allowed to vote neither do the two nominees. One at a time the rest of you will enter the diary room and cast your vote to evict. Andrea you're up first!"

Leilani: "Andrea is aware that Brady is a lot dangerous than Farhan who will she vote for?"

Leilani: "Hey Andrea!"
Andrea: "Hey!"
Leilani: "Please cast your vote to evict!"
Andrea: "I vote to evict, Brady! I hope Rebecca got the super votes!"
Leilani: "Thank you, Kellan you're up next!"

Leilani: "Kellan's relationship with Brady is very complicated, what will he choose?"
Leilani: "Hi Kellan!"
Kellan:  "Hi!"
Leilani: "Please cast your vote to evict!"
Kellan: "I vote to evict Farhan! Thank you!"
Leilani: "Thank you, Zachery you're up next

Leilani: "Zachery is in an alliance with Brady so it should be obvious who he voted for!"
Leilani: "Hi Zachery!"
Zachery:  "Hi! Leilani"
Leilani: "Please cast your vote to evict!"
Zachery: "I vote to evict Farhan!"
Leilani: "Thank you, Eliana you're up next"

Leilani: "Eliana and Andrea are in all girl alliance but also in alliance with Brady, so who will she voted out?"
Leilani: "Hi Eliana!"
Eliana: "Hey!"
Leilani: "Please cast your vote to evict!"
Eliana: "Well, all girls alliance never worked so, I vote to evict Farhan!"

"It's official with 3 votes Farhan have been evicted from big brother house, but there's one more votes that we need to count first! The one who have the super vote is!"

"Zachery won with 26.67% let's see who he voted for, just before the live show started"

Zachery: "Wow, I got it? People must really like the couple! Thank you! Well, I vote to evict Farhan! It's obvious he need to go"

Leilani: "It's time to tell the news to the house guests! But before I'm going to tell you one important news. Well you won't be voting for the one who's going to hold super vote because now you have the Super Vote. Yes after the PoV ceremony you'll have one vote to evict one house guests out of the house! So make sure to vote when the vote is up! Now let go back to the living room and deliver the news to the house!"

The votes are in, by a vote of 4 to 1, Farhan, you have been evicted from big brother house!

Leilani: "Everyone, please welcome Farhan Goodwin!"


Leilani: "Tell me how you feel?"
Farhan: "I don't know, sad! I mean I love this game so much, I hope there's something I could do better, maybe talking to other people more, I don't know!"
Leilani: "But you did not come down without a fight though!
Farhan: "Maybe that actually made me a threat, I don't know maybe! They're always paranoid in the house, I don't know who that one vote is? Maybe Andrea? Or, well, I don't know!"

Leilani: In the event that you're evicted, your friends tape you with a goodbye message!

Zachery: "Nothing against you at all, but we just need to keep our number, even though Brady seems to be the biggest threat but I can see you being a manipulator, so yeah! Sorry!"

Eliana: "You said that you're in alliance with Brady but, guess what? Me too! Nice play though"

Brady: "Farhan, I'm sorry, but you're my best friend here, but too bad we need to be nominated together so it's one of us! I'd definitely play until the end with you if we're not on the final block together!"

Leilani: "Well, you're going to Jury!"
Farhan: "Yeah, I'm very excited to vote for the winner!"

Leilani: "It's time for the Head of Household competition, we have my twins here going to host this competition, why? Well, let's take a look into the backyard!"

Leilani: "What happened to them?

Gino (pink shirt): "Well, this is a kids week! So this week everyone will be transformed into kids using our latest Cheatron 2000 technology! They will be playing as kids, socializing as kids, and living as kids in the big brother house!"

Theo (blue shirt): "Yeah, and now they're going to see them competing live in the Head of Household endurance competition! The last one to touch the ground will be the third head of household! Let's watch the head of household competition to see who won!"

Gino: "That was a very fast, rose would hang in that until the night come! Right?"
Theo: "Who's Rose?"
Gino: "So funny! Of course they need to read Fletcher Legacy first to know who it is! Oh by the way!"

Theo: "Stay tune for who will the head of household nominated but you can also vote for who do you think will be nominated on new schedule which move from sunday to monday"

Gino: "Also in wednesday we'll see who won the power of veto and might remove one of the nominee!"
Theo: "Oh, and ooh oh! Because we're twin, on Friday Live Eviction, it's going to be! Drumroll! Live Double Eviction! So two sims will left next week! Get it Gino? We're twin? and it's a double?"

Gino: "Yeah it is exciting! As exciting as me on Hella Good Bachelorette's show Love Shot right?"
Theo: "Oh come on! Are you even sure you get the casting? Oh well just go to Hella Good blog for more info!! Back to the show! If you want to know more about the House Guests watch the live feed!"
Gino: "I'm Gino Fletcher"
Theo: I'm Theo Fletcher, see you next in the Double Eviction!"

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  1. Oh, man! I'm so sad. I loved Farhan! He needs his own spinoff! The Farhan Fun Hour!

    1. I'm so sad too! He did not spent much time with other houseguests! Farhan's spin off might already out right now?


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