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TS4 Big Brother, Episode 6 part 1: 2nd Live Eviction

Sunday, June 21, 2015MarkArch

Leilani: "Meet at the first night and making a two man alliance, but now, only one of them will stay and one of them will be evicted! Who will walked out the big brother house and become the 2nd jury member? This is The Sims 4 Big Brother!"

"Welcome to the second live eviction in The Sims 4 Big Brother! Either Brady or Farhan will be sent to the the jury house and losing a chance of a half million simoleon."

"But let's go back to see what happened in the big brother house! Michaela is evicted from the big brother house trying to do Eliana's plan to evict Kellan instead which failed tremendously. Following the eviction, Rebecca and Kellan fighting it out at the final round of "Source of Knowledge" head of household competition and Rebecca came out as the winner.

"She nominated who she think is the vote "against the house" which is Eliana and Farhan also in the process, making a couple alliance including her showmance Zachery and the other questionable couple Kellan and Brady."

"Eliana won the power of veto and with that she could remove herself off the block! But before she did that she and Andrea convinced Rebecca to create an all girl alliance. Rebecca then nominated Brady as a replacement nominee as a pawn hoping to make both of her alliance happy. Who will be evicted? A graphic designer from Newcrest, Farhan Goodwin or a secret agent from Magnolia Promenade Brady Davenport?"

"But first, we'll first caught up with what happened between Brady and Kellan. After both of them kiss at friday eviction morning, everything have been really awkward between them. But let's see how their family react to that moment!"

Kellan: "Oh thanks, I’m going to kiss you right now!"
Brady: "Oh stop it, you’ve been flirting with me from the first day, that’s not going to work"


(Okay, brady had this whim so I did it!)

Old Woman: "He's definitely kissing for vote"
Old Man: "Naah, you can definitely see Brady going at it first!"

Woman: "Did they just?"
Teen Boy: "Oh yeah go, brother Kellan"

Old Woman: "Hello, I'm April Davenport and I'm Brady's mom!
Old Man: "Hi, I'm Charlie Davenport and I'm his dad!"

April: "I think Brady and Kellan relationship is just for the show! They're just friends! I think Kellan is straight right?"
Brady: "Oh there's definitely something goin' on! Can't you see it?"

April: "Brady is our only child! We're definitely very close to him! We always knew that he did not like girls. No matter what I'm always proud of him!"

"I think Kellan and Brady is going to be a good friend, but I didn't see him being anywhere closer though! But their alliance might be very strong!

Charlie: "Brady work in the most famous spy agent in the world! His work usually need him to do many romantic interaction to manipulate someone. It's either Male or Female, it's his job you know? But I think when I saw him with Kellan, there's something between them that's different than any other!"

Woman: "Hi I'm Eileen Culver and I'm Kellan's mother!
Teen Boy: "Oh hey, I'm Finley Culver and I'm Kellan's brother!
Eileen: What do you think about Brady?"
Finley: Well, he's a good guy!"

Eileen: "I don't know if Kellan is bisexual or not! But he's still very young, he's only dated her high school sweet heart for a really but it didn't really work well. They break up like 2 months before entering big brother and he's never had any other relationship, so I don't know maybe he really like Brady, or maybe not, we  support him 100%!

Finley: "I mean, he hook up with spy agent? That's very cool!!!"


Leilani: "Either a real relationship or not, Brady is now on the nomination block. Even though his alliance think they have But in big brother house, pawn does go home!"

Brady: "I know Rebecca told me that I'm a pawn, but that is definitely super suspicious, why would she nominated me instead of Andrea? I know she told me that this has to be a secret, but once Farhan gone there will be two more people left out of our alliance which is Eliana and Andrea, so I need to have another plan ready in case my alliance didn't follow through! But first I need to make sure that me and Zach are good because he's one of the vote I need to stay in this game1"

Brady: "If in anyway I'm not save just tell me!" || Zachery: "Don't worry you're fine"

Brady: “If in anyway I’m not save just tell me!”
Zachery: “Don’t worry you’re fine”

Brady's  diary room continue:..

Brady: "I need to make sure that Kellan is also furiously campaigning for me so I won't be seen as campaigning too hostile"

Zachery: "Yeah of course, we had the number, don't worry about Brady"

Kellan: “We’re still in an alliance right?”
Zachery: "Yeah of course, we had the number, don't worry about Brady"
Kellan: “I don’t doubt you, but putting brady instead of andrea could really bite us back, especially we don’t know who the super vote is!”

Brady: "I know that might be enough  but I need a guaranteed votes to stay in this games, so whoever the super votes is I'll save no matter what! So I approach Eliana! She's a smart and strong player. I knew it because she beat me so bad in the have not challenge! But that's when we start having a conversation about having an alliance!

Eliana: "You know that we really need to make a duo! I mean, there need to be someone to beat those power couple, I mean Zachery and Rebecca!"
Brady: "I don't know, I think it's too risky! I don't trust you enough yet!"
Eliana: "Okay, I just warned you about them! They're going to get rid of you when they have a chance!"

Brady: "I know, she's totally right! I'm here nominated by them even though I'm technically a pawn. I think that's when I start trusting her! As we always work out in the second floor treadmill I finally accepted her over to be in an alliance, and her votes will definitely safe me!"

Eliana: "I don't know why she picked you, I hope she didn't go for physical treat like us!" || Brady: "If that's what she's up to, that's a really good way to do it"
Eliana: “I don’t know why she picked you, I hope she didn’t go for physical treat like us!”
Brady: “If that’s what she’s up to, that’s a really good way to do it

Eliana: "Are you sure you're willing to work with me?"

Brady: “So, I think we need to keep each other because the physical threat will always stuck on us”
Eliana: "Are you sure you're willing to work with me?"
Brady: “If you want to, we’re going to be a great powerful alliance!”
Eliana: "It's a deal then, but who do you want to put up if you're the next HoH?"
Brady: “It’s easy, we get rid of the obvious couple Rebecca and Zachery!”
Eliana: "Yeah, that could work in our favor"

Eliana: "Well, I think I'm the best master manipulator! Am I? Let's see!"

Leilani: "Smart and Athletic, a great combination! We'll be right back!"

continue to part 2!

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