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Landgraab's Wonderchild (Children Phase Finale) Episode 9: Huge Window

Sunday, April 12, 2015MarkArch

 Welcome back to the landgraab's wonderchild challenge. It's finally the end of her childhood. Before that I actually do some photography since I already get, get to work and I almost finished it. It's super easy to finish as when you skill up the game is paused.

 I also age up the twins because I don't know, I wanted them to be the same age with Farah.not a strategy or anything. You can look at Ryland inherit his father's muscle, weird.
I finished gained the gold medal for the birthday party meaning 5 more points. Hmm, I don't know what to talk about anymore. Hmmm, Oh yeah. this is the end of children phase and I almost haven't played her teenage face. I need time to research on how to gain as many points as possible. But for now, here's her score!

  • 1 point for every skill point earned by the Wonder Child. This includes childhood skills.
    • Charisma 4
    • Creativity 10
    • Fishing 4
    • Logic 4
    • Mental 10
    • Mischief 4
    • Motor 10
    • Photography 4
    • Piano 9
    • Social 10
    • Video Gaming 4
    • Violin 4
    • TOTAL: 75 points
  • 3 point completion bonus for every skill that reaches level 10
    • 4x3=12 points
  • 10 points for every trait the Wonder Child possesses.
    • Cheerful
    • Observant
    • Speed Reader
    • Morning Sim
    • Creativity Gifted
    • Mentally Gifted
    • Socially Gifted
    • Always Welcome
    • Night Owl
    • Quick Learner
    • Physically Gifted
    • Music Lover
    • TOTAL: 12x10=120
  • You gain a number of points equal to the number of days left as long as you remain an ‘A’ Student
    • 9 days=9
  • You gain one point equal to the number of days left as long as they remain an “A” student. 
    • n/a
  • The moment the Wonder Child reaches the top level of any of the teenage careers they earn one point equal to the number of days left until aging into a young adult 
    • n/a
  • 5 points for every gold medal birthday party thrown for the Wonder Child
    • Children Birthday Party: Gold
    • Teenage Birthday Party: n/a
    • TOTAL: 5 points.
  • TOTAL POINTS: 75+12+120+9+5=
  • 221 Points
  • Targets 500 points, -279
Here is an intro to her teenage phase

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